Friday, August 23, 2013

The Article V Amendments Convention - Our opportunity to reign in the out of control District of Corruption

I feel there should be an open discussion about the Article V Convention, as it is obvious that DC, on both sides of the aisle, does not listen to us any more. This might be the remaining chance to express our wishes for true Constitutional government and rescue our country. Let me start with two key points. Many against the Convention spread hysteria about a runaway Constitutional Convention. Well to be clear, first, an Article V Convention is NOT a Constitutional Convention, and Constitutionally never can be. Of course, if the Regressives were as strong and as organized as these nay sayers imply, nothing is stopping them from calling a real Constitutional Convention and turning us into a true Marxist state. No, the convention is purely to discuss and propose Amendments to the Constitution, and ONLY those amendments proposed by the States in their request to Congress. And by the way, it does take 34 states to request and at that point it becomes something that Congress MUST initiate. Next, the states can lay instructions on their delegates as to how they should vote, and the rules of the convention can, and should, be such that delegates not following the instructions of their state lose their franchise and are replaced by new delegates. But even without that, could the Regressives actually hijack a majority of delegates selected by the states, especially the delegates from the Red states? I doubt it. As said before if they can do that, what would stop them from calling their own true Constitutional Convention, not just an Article V Amendment Convention.. Finally, there is one ultimate protection from a runaway convention, in the very unlikely situation that something strange happened, the Amendments coming out of the convention must each, INDIVIDUALLY, be ratified by 3/4 of the states. So if the country were presented with ANY rogue amendments the Red states, again they are the majority, would easily be able to block them. So please do not believe the FUD put about by the GOP establishment, who are scared to death that 'We The People' will take away their power. It is due to the RINOs and dinosaurs in the District of Corruption that we are in this mess, with a Marxist dictator in the White House. This regime ignores the Constitution left, right and center, so we need to tighten the chains on these power hungry maggots and get back to a virtuous government as intended by our Founding Fathers. I look forward to some honest discourse on this subject. Do tell me where the many supporters of this opportunity to restore our liberty are wrongI
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic: Mark R. Levin: 9781451606270: Books