Thursday, February 28, 2013

More government waste, the flow of money is just fast and furious ...

High-flying Holder: Report shows AG, FBI director used luxury jets for personal travel | Fox News

Ulsterman gives proof of the veracity of his information

MUST READ: Jarrett’s Warning Reveals Itself (WSI Related) - The Ulsterman Report

More La Raza madness

So please explain to me what reciting the Mexican oath of allegiance or writing an esssay about Mexican history has to do with Spanish language class. Social studies maybe, but language class?
Texas Teen Suing School District After She Was Punished for Not Reciting Mexican National Anthem in Class |

More education of truth that is being hidden by the progressives

Always revising history, the progressives are now conveniently forgetting that the US bought the South-West from Mexico, it was not stolen as La Raza and other left-wing groups claim
We Did Not Steal It, We Bought It!

Petulant child-like actions from the Half White House

Like a spoiled child, Dear Leader says if you do not give me my way, I will make things a uncomfortable for you as possible
Obama Terrorizes Public with Illegal Alien Releases

The Chicago Mafia mentality rears its ugly head again

The Chicago thug approach to politics that Dear Leader brought to the White House permeates almost evrything that occurs there. The Axelrod/Jarrett/Obama/Obama (yes, Moochelle is an integral part of this) attitude rubs off on evryone that works there.
White House denies staffer threatened Watergate journalist Woodward | Fox News

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just suppose a right wing PAC had doen something similar ...

Instead, this progressive group will get a slap on the wrist and a pass in the LSM. DISGUSTING!
Republicans urge Dems to condemn PAC's comments on McConnell's 'Chinese' wife | Fox News

How about some cuts here?

Close the whole operation down and we might even cover the whole sequestration cuts
CO: Secret energy lab spawns million dollar govt employee «

This is a great resource for information about real American history

American History - The Federalist Papers

Unfortunately Glenn Beck was right again, they are re-writing history uder our noses

And indoctrinating our children.
Students Told to Call 9-11 Hijackers “Freedom Fighters” | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

This reaction from officials is probably because hunters with "GUNS" donated this meat

Health Dept.: Homeless Can’t Eat Deer Meat | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes

The "religion of peace" at work again

Sharia Justice: 14 Year old girl brutally raped and then charged with adultery was lashed to death - Atlas Shrugs

By hook or by crook?

What else would you expect from an administration that is known for all its lies, and is led by the biggest liar of all
Republican rep claims Obama backers using fake Twitter accounts in gun-control blitz | Fox News

Friday, February 22, 2013

We are definitely on track for another recession

Consumer Spending Plummets After Payroll Tax Increase

Just make sure that Dear Leader never visits your company

Barracuda Brigade: The Obama Kiss of Death claims another business...

What the Comcast decision really means

As someone who supports the free market and constitutional small government, my initial reaction to Comcast's decision to ban gun and gun related ads is "they are a business, they can do what they like." However, on further contemplation there are a number of troubling issues.

  • Comcast is actually a defacto monopoly. The only competition is Over The Air broadcasts (not really competition due to the much lower range of content) or satellite broadcasts. For the latter, due to weather issues, there are many who do not wish to use that capability. In the cable space, it is virtually unheard of to have multiple companies providing service in the same geography. So if you are a monopoly, the rules have to be different as you are NOT operating in a truly free market.
  • More troubling however, is the arbitrary decision to refuse ads for a legal product. Suppose tomorrow that Comcast decides that they disagree with the GOP and will not take any commercials associated with GOP messaging. Would that be acceptable?

Yes, I realize we walk a fine line between allowing private or public companies, but definitely non-governmental entities, freedom to do what they want and regulating them to allow any commercials for any legal product or topic.

In the meanwhile, if you are subject to Comcast as a provider, please give serious thought to switching to an alternative, Dish, DirectTV or another cable provider if you have that luxury. You can also investigate Internet based services that run on equipment like Roku, etc. You will find that there are subscription services that stream many channels of entertainment and news direct to your TV (not just your computer any more), e.g. Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, theBlaze (Glenn Beck TV) and others.
Comcast Cable Network Bans All Firearms Related Advertising - Godfather Politics

Next time you get into a discussion about gun violence:

Remember, in the 20th Century:
• Governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined.
• Governments murdered millions more people than were killed by common criminals.

Now you know why the 2nd Amendment is so important

For all you seniors who voted for Obama and others Democrats ...

Because you believed the hype that the GOP would reduce your benefits, here is proof that you were lied to and all I can say is, on your heads be it. You have made your own bed, so now you must lie in it.
Here Comes The Boom: CMS Slashes Medicare Advantage; 'Disarray For Many Seniors' - Forbes

This is a must read!

And frightening in its truth...
BLOG.WOMENEXPLODE.COM: I am a dictator. I rule the government. I rule you...

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, not a jot of truth anywhere!

In addition to all the discussion around the sequestration , including all the lies being promulgated by the progressives about reduction in salaries and hours of first-responders, air traffic controllers, TSA personnel, teachers, etc., etc., there are a few topics that you can use in your discussions with the mind-less Obamabots (I now that maybe a waste of time, but if each of us can turn just one drone....).

  1. Even with the proposed cuts, the administration will still spend $15 billion more than last year. So perhaps we should not use the words cuts, instead call them reductions in increases.
  2. The administration is the branch of government that has jurisdiction over HOW the appropriations are spent. So instead of cutting back on military equipment, how about we get rid of some of the military bands? Rather less drums than drums of fuel.
  3. Most of the groups that the left mention will have reduced hours and/or pay are not even paid by the federal government, e.g. teachers, firefighters and police, amongst others.
  4. The GOP has passed at least two bills to resolve the sequestration problem, they should be shouting from every rooftop, in every op-editorial, on every radio or TV interview that those bills stalled in the Senate under the leadership of DemocRAT Dingy Harry Reid.
  5. Finally, perhaps the most damning number of all. The proposed reductions in planned expenditure equate to about 2% or less of the total annual budget. Did not every working American receive a 2% pay cut at the beginning of this year due the lapse of the payroll tax cut. If we can learn to live with 2% less (for some, even more than that), why can the bums in Washington not adjust their spending in the same way? 
While much of the blame for this profligate spending rests with DemocRATS, the GOP also have played their part. Now is their time to redeem themselves. I am disappointed that the GOP does not bring up this 2% point and demand that the administration take a responsible approach to making the necessary spending slowdowns. Instead they sheepishly allow the progressives to make them in the most damaging way possible, so that the progressives can extract the maximum political benefit.

How can the GOP force the administration to behave in a way that supports the country, rather than destroying the country? They still hold control of the purse-strings, since appropriations originate in the House. So they should go to Obama, either privately or preferably publicly, and tell him that unless citizen friendly reductions are instituted, all future appropriations, including continuing resolution bills will be blocked. If we have to shut down the government, let the DemocRATS choose to do so. And let us the alternate news media will make sure that as many people as possible know the true reason for the mess that ensues.
Obama blackmails taxpayers while blaming Republicans | Fox News

This is a constitutional law-suit waiting to happen

Another example of this administration forcing the LGBT agenda down our throat. As a more libertarian oriented Constitutionalist, I have to admit that I do not feel threatened by same-sex unions as many social conservatives are. However, this case really makes my blood boil, not because of the same-sex aspect but because of the exclusion of mixed sex couples. This is just a DOD policy, and has not been passed through the Congress, since if it did it would obviously thrown out as a law of attainder (A legislative act that singles out an individual or group for punishment without a trial.). That still does not make this policy any better, it will be interesting to see how of a firestorm is raised around this issue.
Pentagon push to extend benefits to same-sex couples stirs debate | Fox News

If you know a veteran who received one of these unconstitutional letters...

Please have them get in touch with the contact in the article
(UPDATED) Disturbing Report: Veterans are receiving letters from VA prohibiting the ownership or purchase of firearms... Developing... |

Something you will never read in the LSM

Basically yet another commentator confirming that Obama has no interest in making the best of a bad situation for the country, but making the worst of this situation for political reasons
Obama blackmails taxpayers while blaming Republicans | Fox News

WE are supposed to tolerate their so-called houses of worship all round this country

Of which too many are sources of hate learning and encouragement of terrorism, while in their own country there is not tolerance of other religions at all.
Saudi religious police arrest Ethiopian workers for practicing Christianity | Fox News

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Proof that the Jerk-In-Chief has no intention of cutting spending

If some-one outside the government can identify this much saving, how much can the supposedly Chief Executive and his people, inside the administration, identify, if they really wanted. This just shows that King Barry has not real wish to cut spending, he just wanrts to drive this economy into the ground, following the Cloward-Piven model.

Mark Levin exposes a WASTELAND of govt overspending while Obama LIES to your face saying we can’t cut spending » The Right Scoop -

So obvious that the Jerk-In-Chief has no idea of economics...

Or if he does is hell bent on destroying the economy of the US
Obama reinstates the racist Democrat lending policies that destroyed the economy - National Conservative |

This sickens me so...

The LSM jump all over a Todd Akin for his stupid comments, yet this which is arguably as bad, is totally ignored  by the LSM. Not only that his progressive cronies even back him  up and put a spin on his words. This is disgusting hypocrisy!
Colorado Democrat Says Women Can’t Be Trusted With Guns, Backers Fail To Rebuke | RedState

People keep saying this is normal, do you believe them?

Feds Buy Two Billion Rounds of Ammunition
To provide some perspective, experts estimate that at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, the [Department of Homeland Security] is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war. A 24-year Iraq war! Mark Sonny Levins

Monday, February 18, 2013

This country has lost all common sense.

Student, 10, arrested for having toy gun in backpack — RT

This just will not go away

Interesting that access to certain records, that might be relevant, is being blocked. Smoke without fire?
BREAKING…Obama’s Kenyan Birth Records Discovered In British National Archives: Where Lies Go To Die! « Political Vel Craft

Treasonable corruption in the SCOTUS

Can we really permit this kind of blatant corruption to take place in the highest court in the land? This is most certainly getting to a situation where pitchforks and torches, tar and feathers might be needed. Lets march on DC and protest the cheaters at SCOTUS.
Press Release: Employees Of The Supreme Court Of The United States Caught With-Holding Legal Documents From Supreme Court Justices! « Political Vel Craft

Another view of the concept of "paying their fair share"

The American Spectator : Obama and the Pirates

An extraordinary prophecy?

Look at the original date of this article, and then look at the prophecy for the 111th Pope, freaky. This would mean that Pope #112, the last, is coming up. Will he really be Petrus Romanus?
An extraordinary prophecy?

What a jerk

One of the main reasons I refuse to watch 30 Rock
Alec Baldwin's Racist Rant Against Ex-Cop Photographer

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Nobody earning under $250,000 will pay a single penny more in tax"

King Barry was right, it is not a SINGLE penny, but a whole pile of penniesthat we are going to be paying. Impeach the jerk-in-chief!
The Unsung, But Massive Obamacare Sales Tax Increase That Is On the Way - Forbes

More truth about what and why Benghazi happened

Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider” (Part III)

Over the top? or could it really come to this?

When children are suspended for drawing guns, or pretending to throw hand grenades, we know we are not that far from this progressive hell
Gangway Or Sickbay. You Decide.

If you want to live i our society, the follow our rules and laws.

I have said this before, and am sure to say it again, UK today, US tomorrow. Do you expect the ACLU to be up in arms when Washington makes a law that makes banks or education institutions give this option to students? What about the separation of mosque and state?
Muslims demand Sharia student loans because paying interest goes against Islamic law | Mail Online

The "religion of peace" at work again

Although if the LSM even mentions this, I am sure the perp will be painted as a nutcase, a little difficult to turn him into a right wing, Tea Party fanatic.
New Jersey: Egyptian Muslim shot, beheaded, cut hands off 2 Coptic Christians (updated) « Creeping Sharia

Neal Boortz explains very clearly why progressives want to take away our guns

Why the Liberal Hatred of Citizens With Guns - Neal Boortz

Friday, February 15, 2013

So who exactly is Harrison J. Bounel?

Is the Barry Soebarkah mystery finally unraveling?
President Harrison J. Bounel : Personal Liberty Digest™

Watch out 2nd Amendment supporters, this is what the progressives have in store for us

Be Happy! Progressives Have Wonderful Plans for You! by William L. Anderson

More progressives' hypocrisy, doesn't it make you sick

And to think the left get their knickers in a twist about Rubio taking a sip of water
Michelle Malkin » Democrats Heart Medicare Fraudsters

Disgusting, and we have to pay for the filth spewed by this jerk

USDA ‘Diversity Instructor’: Pilgrims Were ‘Illegal Aliens’; Mocks ‘White Males’ | Stand With Arizona

This just proves that Civics lessons in public schools did not study the Constitution enough

Petty legislators all over this country try to enact laws that go against the Constitution.

Washington gun control proposal said to violate Fourth Amendment to Constitution - Spokane Conservative |

Strange that Ms. Taitz was not allowed to see the original denial order

Then again, who trusts anything that goes on in DC any more? It is time we take a new broom to DC and sweep out all the establishment, on both sides of the aisle and in all government departments and organizations, even the SCOTUS
Supreme Court to conference on Obama eligibility today

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two Lines That Sum Up Obama’s Presidency | Barack Obama | Fox Nation

Two Lines That Sum Up Obama’s Presidency | Barack Obama | Fox Nation

Maybe the gun control crowd is right....

We should limit the number of bullets in a magazine - for incompetent POLICE OFFICERS!

This debacle raises a few questions/issues:
  • Should the LAPD give all their officers more gun training? They are obviously pretty useless with guns since they are incapable of dealing with two people in a vehicle, even after over 100 rounds.
  • Who gave the order to start this debacle without checking carefully whether Dorner was actually involved
  • Why should the LA taxpayers be on the hook for the incompetence of their LEOs, since there are obviously going to be high cost, high award lawsuits coming out this mess 

Police Fired 100 Bullets at Newspaper Delivery Women: Attorney | NBC 6 South Florida

A Useful Comparison of How Obama, Rubio, & Paul View Key Issues

Here’s a Side-By-Side Comparison of How Obama, Rubio, & Paul View the State of the Union | Video |

Come on Newsmax, tell us WHY he has become so unpopular

Or is this another case of relentless haranguing by the LSM bringing down a viable opponent for the progressives?
Poll: Jindal Among Nation's Most Unpopular Governors

Finally the Senate GOP shows some backbone

Ignore the whining of Dingy Harry, Republican Senators should stand firm and refuse to confirm the Iran loving, Israel hating Hagel
Reid: Republicans Blocking Hagel

Here is a sensible starting approach to the thorny issue of immigration reform

Immigration: A clarion call to lead - Conservative News

What is the real reason for King Barry's interest in voting problems?

What is the true story behind King Barry's sudden interest in the LOCAL issue of long voting times. Where in the Constitution does the Federal government have the authority to determine local voting practices. Come on Governor Scott, assert your 10th Amendment rights and tell the Meddler-in-Chief to mind his own business!
Obama has been ignoring the people in charge of resolving those "voting hassles" | Conservative News, Views & Books

How many "ordinary people" can afford to vacation as much as this elitist?

Obama to Vacation in West Palm Beach | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

More documentation of how King Barry continues to flout the laws of this land

Barone: Operating above law - Conservative News

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The LSM continue to distort the truth to their own ends

When Crazed Shooters Can’t Be Linked To The Tea Party, Media Displays Admirable Restraint | Mediaite

I am entitled to that degree, because my father is a professor here.

Another example of the entitlement culture....
Lehigh University student got a C+ and now seeks $1.3 million in lawsuit - Yahoo! News

Canada, Britain, Europe, Australia, they all registered and then lost their guns

Canadian news anchor issues an ominous warning on gun regulation to America – Glenn Beck

Here we go, starting down yet another slippery slope, away from fundamental liberties

Eric Holder: Banning Homeschooling Doesn’t Violate Fundamental Rights | Caffeinated Thoughts

Benghazi gets worse and worse

David Petraeus: CIA director's bodyguards exposed affair with Paula Broadwell, claims 'Benghazi: The Definitive Report' | Mail Online

And this is why I refuse to watch CNN, even to see what "the other side" are saying.

Our media has become as corrupt and government controlled as anything that was seen in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany
CNN Exposed – Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist, Amber Lyon, Blows The Whistle…. Simultaneously Answers One of my questions…. | The Last Refuge

Way to go, Governor Walker

Walker’s deal: Food stamps for job training «

Monday, February 11, 2013

@NatPat (National Patriot) hits the nail on the head, again #tcot » Blog Archive » The Dictator’s State of Tyranny Address

And this is what it comes to....

Even patriotism becomes a dirty word and is twisted to be racist
Students Get Suspended For Supporting America - CNN iReport

This is already happening here too,

just not as overtly.....yet
UK Textbook Wipes Israel Off the Map :: Gatestone Institute

Wake up GOP, time to get moving

How Republicans Can Have Their Cake and Eat It, Too :: Clash Daily

This shows how broken our system really is

and lifts the veil on the true reasons for so-called immigration reform
Crime & Incompetence: Guide to America’s Immigration Crisis

Further confirmation of information that I have shared with you in the past

Where are the Benghazi survivors? |

Luckily the administration was unable to suppress this video

Hidden Hagel 2008 Speech Surfaces: No Attack on Iran Even if Israel Threatened

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LSM fails in its duty - again

A cover-up: Black-on-white racist murder

Could this really be true?

Dynamite if it is, will Obama try to use it to clear a seat on the SCOTUS for his own choice? That could be some battle for senate confirmation

How Roberts Was Blackmailed To Support ObamaCare

You may have read this before....

But with the disillusionment in the GOP it bears repeating. How can we re-validate this great leader in the eyes of the voting public?
The Real Truth About Sarah Palin -- Ouch!

And read the article all the way to the bottom for a just as clear view of the other side

Danger, Will Smith, Danger!

Byron York: Legalization-first could scuttle immigration plan | Mobile Washington Examiner

Great arguments @natpat #tcot

Please share with your local village idiots (yes, I do mean progressives), if they can and will read it. » Blog Archive » An Apology to Gun Control Advocates

Union thugs at work again

SEIU workers sabotaged nursing homes, endangered patients | The Daily Caller