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This will not be the last

Witness claims youths yelled 'this is for Trayvon' in beating - baltimoresun.com

It starts

Men attack jogger in retaliation of Zimmerman verdict - Atlas Shrugs

Someone daring to stand up for the law? h/t @Atlasshrugs

Calling out Muslims for not obeying our laws? Watch out, the Department of Injustice will come down on you like a ton of bricks for discrimination. Even though what the airline is doing is ILLEGAL DISCRIMINATION.
Wake up America
NY Threatens to Pull JFK Airport Slot From Saudi Arabian Airlines for Islamic Jew-hatred - Atlas Shrugs

Good question, when will we reach boiling point?

Or should we be asking whether we will ever reach boiling point?
Nearing Midnight: What Is the American People’s Boiling Point? | Vine of Life News

Yet again we see that this administration ignores the law whenever it pleases

In this case by incorrectly reporting the National Debt, so that a Debt Ceiling discussion can be deferred until other issues are out of the way. This regime is CORRUPT, DOES NOT FOLLOW THE LAW and we need to put and end to it SOON!
Treasury: Debt Has Been Exactly $16,699,396,000,000.00 for 56 Days | CNS News

Looks like GZ may have NBC pay for his security detail for the next 10 years

But it gets worse. As the Ulsterman says  " And please remember reader, this collusion was not simply between members of the Mainstream Media - high profile members of the Obama administration were placing the fabricated race issue front and center at the very same time as the false media reports were underway..." -UM
NBC Admits Collusion Among Media Of Anti-Zimmerman Coverage… - The Ulsterman Report

Who cares about the Law and the Constitution

We, the elites, know what is best for you, so we will decide based on our own opinions rather than facts and the law.
Judge Kidd makes injunction against Miss. gun law permanent - National gun rights | Examiner.com

The @Talkmaster's summary of the GZ situation is probably the best out there

Please read this, it is more than worth the few minutes that you invest. Then share this article with friends, family, acquaintances and even enemies.
The Zimmerman Verdict | Nealz Nuze | www.wsbradio.com

I really like the sentiments expressed in this article

Well worth the read.
Sultan Knish: Whither Goest Thou, America?

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Time to get rid of Juan Williams on FNC

I have reached my limit of the insane statements from that inept tool of the Regressives, Juan Williams. While I know FOX News is trying to present a fair and balanced view, the operative word is 'fair'. There is no place for out and out lies. Today he calmly started that Janet Napolitano had done a great job at DHS, since there had been no attacks during her tenure.
Of course, we don't count the underwear bomber, the Times Square bomb beside they failed, but not through any of her responsibility. And then there was the successful, although not as successful as intended, Boston Marathon bombings.
As we used to say back in Blighty, "Come on, Juan, pull the other one!"

The supposed gender neutral Regressives turn out to be hypocritical

But that is hardly a surprise. The head of DHS, Janet 'Big Sis' Napolitano, whose resignation was unexpectedly announced today, is famous for replacing 'terrorist attack' with 'MAN made disaster'. Was she not sinning against the creed of Progressives by using such a non-gender neutral phrase? Why was she not pilloried by the PC police state lame stream media. Sorry, I forgot. Regressives are allowed to do and say what they want. It is only the conservatives that need to be kept in line.
Big Sis, goodbye and good riddance.

More Sharia-crap in schools in the UK

Teachers bending over backward to kowtow to the Muslims in school. Coming soon to a theater country near you.
Teachers 'denied schoolboy, 10, water on the hottest day of the year to avoid upsetting Muslim pupils during Ramadan' | Mail Online

While I was disappointed by Rubio's treachery on immigration

I do not think that he deserves to be behind RINOs like Christie and Jeb Bush
Rubio Drops to 5th in Iowa Poll

A shame how we treat our veterans

TSA Treats Wounded Veteran of the Year Like Terrorist | Godfather Politics

Corruption, corruption, corruption, are you not sick of the stinking mess in DC?

Kimberley Strassel: Another IRS Scandal Waiting to Happen - WSJ.com

Just waiting for the verdict of the kangaroo court now

Eric Holder Helped Organize Sharpton's Anti-Zimmerman Rallies - Investors.com

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I have said this before

Nice to see that someone else has picked up on the similarities
NTEB: 13 Similarities Between Obama And Hitler

Finally, someone trying to hold legislators accountable

I hope this works, but at the very least, as the author states, it puts legislators on notice that 'We The People' are watching them.
N.H. Rep. files petition, criminal complaint against oath-breaking colleagues - National gun rights | Examiner.com

This goes a small way to offsetting Rubio's stupidity over the immigration bill

Rubio Draws “Line In The Sand” Over Debt Limit - National Liberty Federation

What can I say?

What Odd Guest Appears to Have Showed Up at the White House’s July 4th Party for Military Families? | TheBlaze.com

Shows how we are giving away our liberties for almost no reason

If only a very small percentage of intercepted calls and emails, much less than 1%, are terrorist related, and of those only about 1% are true terrorists, is the government justified in carrying out all this snooping? I think not!
Only 1 percent of “terrorists” caught by the FBI are real - Salon.com

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And yet another very useful article

Confirmation Bias & Unanimous Opinion — Guerrillamerica

A chilling story

Pray For The Safety Of President Obama | DumpDCDumpDC

Guncraft: Are You A Target? - A very good question

Guncraft: Are You A Target? A Short Story

This is dynamite information

Something that is very likely to blow up in the face of this administration, and rightly so!
Obama's Department of Justice Organized anti-Zimmerman Race Riots - Atlas Shrugs

This explains why there is no Constitutional authority for the President to change existing laws as he sees fit


One law for the sheeple, one law for the elites

This is a major part of our problem today, there is no accountability for bad actions or decisions. "Ooops, I am sorry" is all it takes for those in power, while the full force of the law is used on "We The People".
Democratic aide brings gun into courthouse, gets ticket | The Daily Caller

Dumber and Dumbest

If you wrote a book about this, or made a movie, everyone would tell you that the storyline is totally implausible. Yet here we go with another inept move by the corrupt regime. You can guarantee that there is some campaign money somewhere behind this.
British firm awarded huge contract to take over Obamacare - BizPac Review

This is illegal, right?

But like on so many other occasions, this corrupt and inept usurper regime chooses which illegality they act on, and which they do not. In other words the Jerk-in-Chief resident of OUR White House acts like the banana republic dictator that he has proven himself to be. Not to mention the times when his Department of InJustice decides to prosecute someone that does done nothing illegal, but something that the regime does not like. We have lost the rule of law, so in that case why are we following the law by not hanging these scumbags from the nearest lamp posts.
And don't forget to stop buying, and to stop your family buying, from this insidious company. You may like their clothes but they do not deserve your business
Clothing line Illuminati calls for murder of George Zimmerman on Twitter - National Crime & Courts | Examiner.com

Great words from a great man

Pastor Ken Hutcherson tells Al Sharpton “Not Again” – Glenn Beck

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Yes, Tea Partiers, lets show both the left and the right that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party Will Rise Again in 2014

Spooky Dude has been off the radar for a while, but he's baaack!

The George Soros Connection to the New Egyptian Government! | Lady Patriots

Folks, we need to keep F&F alive in the public mind

This can be a key topic for 2014 election, if we can shout enough about it. Even if the stupid GOP does not latch on to this, it remains a key topic that can bring down the DemocRATS
Media still pushing Fast and Furious ‘failed gun-tracking operation’ line - National gun rights | Examiner.com

Another example of how this administration speaks with forked toungue

EEOC's claim that background checks are racist must also apply to guns - National gun rights | Examiner.com

Thanks to @NatPat for an excellent article

thenationalpatriot.com » Blog Archive » IT’S THE BORDER…STUPID!!!

A warning for all those RINOs, immigration reform should not be rushed

Whatever solution is proposed needs long and clear thought, not the back room brandy swilling, cigar smoking shadow committees' quick fix
The U.S. Jobs That Went to Immigrants | FrontPage Magazine

More hypocrisy over religion

Muslim taxi drivers are permitted to refuse to carry passengers with a dog (even a seeing-eye dog) and with alcohol, but this Christian baker faces jail
Colorado baker faces year in jail for refusing to make cake for gay wedding - National Crime & Courts | Examiner.com

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More black on white hate crimes that are being ignored

By the Lame Stream Media and the Department of InJustice
Mob beats man on his own front porch “for Trayvon”…press ignores - Norfolk Crime | Examiner.com

After the IRS has been outed for their anti-Tea Party activities

the National Park service is caught carrying the repression banner on behalf of the IRS
Federal Agents Violate Saint Augustine Tea Party’s Civil Rights… - Jacksonville TEA Party | Examiner.com

Where are the mobs crying "Racism" now?

Media blackout: Georgia man killed in black-on-white hate crime attack - Norfolk Crime | Examiner.com

More insidiousness from the usurper regime.

Yet again the Dictator decides to bend the law as he and his cronies see fit. Forget his oath of office and any Constitution.
WARNING!! – Obama’s Government Healthcare Friday Doc Dump – UNBELIEVABLE - The Ulsterman ReportPublish Post

Another information source

If you like reading my blog posts, you might also like my Podcast, broadcast live on Tuesdays at 8pm PT/9pm MT/10pm CT/11pm ET at http://radio.PatriotComeLately.US.  Or listen to the recordings at http://archives.PatriotComeLately.US.

Another example of "Coming soon to a country near you"

More sharia based hypocrisy, just like taxi-drivers are allowed to refuse to carry passengers who have a dog (even a seeing eye dog) or who are carrying alcohol because it offends their religious sensibilities BUT Christian who refuse to provide goods or services for same sex marriages are sued for discrimination.
Canada: Man arrested for walking dog near Muslims in public park | Creeping Sharia

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More background information on the shadowy figures that are flitting through OUR White House

Our own citizens cannot visit our White House, and yet the current inhabitant seems to be inviting the strangest of bedfellows. Like Neville Chamberlain in the 1930s, Dear Leader is obviously walking a path of appeasement. Remember, those that do not learn from history are bound to repeat it, and Caliph Hussein is certain to become the 21st century's Chamberlain.
The Brotherhood, the Blind Sheik and a Hot Arab Summer - Politichicks.tv :: Politichicks.tv

Good questions and some pertinent topics discussed in this article

Please read and then share with family, friends and acquaintances, even enemies if you think they will listen.
Are the States Out of Date?

WOW, a frightening story told by a very brave person

Before-It’s-Deleted Of The Day | Black & Right

Religious extremism and science do not mix

Put "Sun Rising In The West" and "The Earth Is Only 6000 Years Old" in the same box. It is fine for you to believe what you want, just do not force it on others.
NASA confirms that Muslims are Idiots | Muslims and the World

Friday, July 5, 2013

More evidence of skullduggery to advance the anti-gun cause

Inclusion of pro-gun constable as plaintiff against open carry raises questions - National gun rights | Examiner.com

One day, fellow patriots, the time may come

If we are visited with more abuses and usurpations, it could happen here.
Barracuda Brigade: Egypt's Main Newspaper Sends Obama Front Page Message ~> Our Future ~> No Brotherhood or You ~> Love It

The Jerk-in-Chief forces Chicago thug tactics forced on another country

In a disgusting display of Chicago thug violence against a head of state of another country, the Bolivian president's plane was diverted, forced to land and then was searched by Austrian police or military security officers. I would assume that an aircraft carrying a head of state should be treated as a diplomatic building and therefore cannot be entered  without the permission of the country in question. If force, for example by threatening to withhold fuel, was used to get that permission, it was wrong. While the searching was carried out by Austrian resources, it is obvious that the whole situation was orchestrated by the King Barry administration, including the closing of airspace by a number of European countries that forced the private jet to have to land.

If this is how the Jerk-In-Chief expects to carry out international diplomacy, then he will make the US name even more hated around the world than anything Bush ever did. Caliph Hussein has messed up our standing in the Middle East and now Gringo Barry is doing the same in Latin America. Our allies in Europe either hate us or are leary of us because of the NSA snooping scandals or the perception that the inept bozo chooses enemies over allies in almost all disputes.

So much for the great world statesman that we were promised by his fawning acolytes, the Lame Stream Media, and other lapdogs that surround him. It seems, not only is he comfortable destroying America as a country internally, he is working hard to ensure the destruction of our standing and influence around the world.
Latin America sees US diverting Morales' plane as Yankee imperialism | Stephen Kinzer | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Is this one of the reasons Brits want a repeal of anti-handgun laws?

And this will get treated as a "normal" crime, instead of as a hate crime. Across the Atlantic they are even more fanatical about hate crimes, at least when it involves a majority perpetrator/perpetrators against a minority victim. Let us see what happens when it is the other way round.
Barracuda Brigade: Muslim SAVAGE stabs British teenager to death in the street ~> Then laughed about it...

Zimmerman trial becomes a farcical comedy, nothing to do with justice

At least it would be a comedy if a man's future were not at stake. However, with latest revelations from the Medical Examiner that he is changing his thoughts on a number of key topics around the case, there seem to be more rulings, sidebars and non-jury-present discussions than evidence. There was the already strange decision that information about George Zimmerman's educational background and applications to join the police could be brought into evidence, yet information about the violence and drug dealing of Trayvon Martin was excluded from the proceedings. In addition there are the prosecution witnesses that seem to be more like defense witnesses.

All in all this case is showing that is that it has nothing to do with justice, but is purely a show trial as we saw in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist China, Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and other tyrannical countries.

Unfortunately, the political establishment will help keep this swept under the rug

While this information could be explosive, the fact that it is practically guarantees that it will be swept under the rug by all of the establishment in DC (yes, by BOTH sides of the aisle). The people that we elected to DC to represent us have lost touch with 'We The People' and they have lost all integrity, all honestly and any sense responsibility. Just because a number of people cast their vote for you, does not imbue you with superior intelligence or knowledge, yet our legislators act as if they know everything so much better than us. It is time to completely refresh Washington by sweeping out the current crowd of clowns. If we lose a couple of good one in the process, too bad. All wars elicit collateral damage and the Washington elite are waging a war on the people of this country. 2014 is coming, let us take the opportunity to remove as many as we can. With sufficient true patriots elected to DC, we can start the removal of others through ethics suits and other legal proceedings.

Blog: Potentially explosive development in IRS scandals

Miami Republicans Aggressively Lobby New U.S. Citizens, Democrats on Vacation - The Shark Tank - The Shark Tank

Interesting comment in this article:
"While many of these citizens struggled with the English language,"
If you read the requirements for citizenship, one of the key ones is the ability to speak English. So how come "many of these (new - Ed. comment) citizens" struggle with English? Another example of this corrupt and inept administration selectively applying the law as it sees fit? 

Miami Republicans Aggressively Lobby New U.S. Citizens, Democrats on Vacation - The Shark Tank - The Shark Tank

I don't hear the Rev Jackson or Rev Sharpton on this!

Then again are they really qualified, spiritually and not legally, to be called Reverend? I think not
Columbia, SC mother of four slaughtered in hate crime

The Revolution Must Continue Or We Will Sink Into Tyranny

Right now we are at a crossroads, one path leads to Liberty and the other a hybrid between Socialism and Fascism. Yes that is right, Fascism. That of which the left so often accuses the Tea Party and Conservatives, is actually the model that this administration leans towards. The definition of Fascism is ownership of the means of production and capital remains in the private domain, yet the control is with the government. Look at the banks, the conglomerates like Monsanto, Archer-Daniel, the Solyndra's of this world. All owned by bundlers and other Obama cronies, but all owned outside the government. Yet the government controls what they do, how they do it and when they do it.

We must choose the path of Liberty, or else we will start down "The Road To Serfdom."
The Revolution Must Continue

Shame, because I used to like drinking Sam Adams beer

However, if Sam Adams Brewery is prepared to mangle the Declaration of Independence in the interests of political correctness, thus abrogating everything for which their namesake stood, I will mangle by buying habits to never include Sam Adams beer. It is interesting how they interpret the Beer institute's wording "religious themes" to apply to quoting from such an august document, when they could just as easily have said, using those few words as part of the overall quote is hardly a religious THEME.
Shame on you Samual Adams Brewery, and to everyone else, sell their stock quickly.
Do You Notice the Crucial Declaration of Independence Phrase Missing from This Samuel Adams Commercial? (UPDATE: Possible Explanation) | Video | TheBlaze.com

The UN out of the USA; The USA out of the UN!

Abandon the United Nations?

A little humor in these trying times


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Put very simply, King Bar is just an inept, useless jerk and the sooner we get rid of him the better.

Time to impeach him folks, the sooner the better.

Here is a very good argument for rejecting the Gang of 9 immigration bill

And no , that is not a typo in the name of the bill, I add King Barry to the 8 "bi-partisan" senators as the ones responsible for this bill.
If Obama can unilaterally delay ObamaCare’s employer mandate, why wouldn’t he delay new border security measures too? « Hot Air

Today is a good day to remember how it all started

How It Began - National Liberty Federation

Nice to see how King Barry's foreign policy has made us so popular in Egypt

..And South Africa (picture almost at bottom of article)
Doug Ross @ Journal: 15 Photos From the Tahrir Square Protests You'll Never See In Legacy Media. #Egypt #Morsi #Obama

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Interesting thoughts for tomorrow....

The true meaning of the 4th of July | Tenth Amendment Center Blog

Nice to see a rational analysis of the problems in the GOP

Note that the author specifically states that the RNC's own reports is part of the problem, because of the way the report was created (Political consultants).
Study: Republicans Leaving Party Are Tired of 'Two Evils' Argument

Useful information, at least for those of you with a job

Can You Opt Out of Your Union Dues? | Conservative ByteConservative Byte

@talkmaster is brutally frank, as usual


Yet again this corrupt administration flouts the law

Hoping to do so to their own advantage. Can someone please grow a backbone and hold them accountable. Rep Issa, are you listening?
White House Violates Law with Obamacare Delay

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Many a true word spoken in jest

Note that this is political satire. At least at present, who knows what could happen in the future as we slide into Bizzaro land.
Obama to College Students: Do Not Celebrate Fourth of July – The Liberty Paper

I know this sounds like a broken record......

...the "religion of peace" at work again. When will the liberals realize that they hate us and will do whatever it takes to subjugate us and destroy our culture. Appeasement will not work!
Ireland’sPublish Post new Muslim implants are already committing a rising number of hate crimes |

Just have to share this great article from the "Lady Patriots" with you

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”, But I Won’t Accept Sharia Law! | Lady Patriots

This writer agrees that we may have riots...

Is it to far fetched to think that the administration thought so too and is hoping to use the riots as an excuse to impose martial law?

The Regressives will push as far as we will let them

They apologize profusely when called out, then wait until the next time to do it all over again. The problem is nobody is ever held accountable (except poor schmucks like Paula  Deen) so they can get away with doing it time after time after time. And if, out of 10 attempts 9 require apologies, they have moved the ball forward 1 step. In other words, SUCCESS because we never send them back ANY steps.
‘Complete Shock’: University Staffer Tells College Student She Must Remove Christian Cross Necklace http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/07/02/complete-shock-university-staffer-tells-college-student-she-must-remove-christian-cross-necklace/

This sums up the situation pretty well h/t @RedState

The weed of politics bears bitter fruit | RedState

I feel like T have stepped through the Wonderland mirror,....

...where nothing is as I would expect it, black is white, up is down, lies are truth.....
Obama Appointee Claims Sharia Law Is Superior to American Law - Claims Founding Fathers Were Inspired By The Quran : The United States Defense League

Amazing how quickly Dear Leader can move to support the Muslim Brotherhood...

...but Ambassador Stevens and the other heroes did not get the benefit of such a quick reaction in Benghazi. In other words, you blind LIVs, your darling has more respect for the enemy than for our citizens. Yes, call a spade a spade, the Muslim Brotherhood and associated Muslim extremists are our enemies. Congress, if that does not make the usurper in the White house a traitor, then you have broken your oath to the Constitution. And that does not even bring into account his support of the Al-Qaeda enemies in Syria. Congress, you have a double whammy, when will you grow a backbone and indict the traitor.
Egyptian Military Threatens to Oust President Morsi, U.S. President Obama Scrambles to Support Comrade

Happy birthday America?


Monday, July 1, 2013

Nice to know that we are so loved around the globe

With 'we' I do mean the person that most represents our country on the world stage and who promised that his foreign policies would make America more loved.
South African Police Fire Stun Grenades And Rubber Bullets At Hundreds Of Protesters Against Obama | Weasel Zippers

Could be a good idea.

Originally the Congress was intended to be a place of debate and sharing of ideas. In the current partisan environment, there is little debate, little sharing of ideas, just a lot of following the party line. Keeping representatives in their districts would have them closer to their constituents, away from lobbyists and under less pressure from the party bosses.
Dem resolution would let ‘mobile Congress’ cast votes from home - The Hill's Hillicon Valley

2A supporters be warned, we will have to be contacting our legislators again soon.

New 'armor piercing' ammo legislation might outlaw nearly all rifle ammunition - St. Louis gun rights | Examiner.com

More and more evidence pointing to a Zimmerman acquittal

And I will stay with my assertion that King Barry and his cronies are hoping for nationwide rioting to occur, so that martial law can be imposed.
THE ZIMMERMAN PROSECUTION HAS A GIANT PROBLEM (see red text below) George Zimmerman re-enactment video with the police BEFORE he had a lawyer and right after the shooting « Gretawire

Nice to post some good news, for a change

So now let us hope that many more communities follow this example.
A Little Town, A Big Victory for U.S. Sovereignty | Lady Patriots

The many astounding coincidences of Obama | The D.C. Clothesline

What I don't understand is how Obama can have his people mysteriously unseal so many records, while no-one from our side can even do so. I am sure if we could it would blow the whole Obama scam a mile high. Come one folks, what does it take?
The many astounding coincidences of Obama | The D.C. Clothesline

Another travesty from this corrupt administration

I think we should put Sheriff Joe in charge of Club Gitmo. See how these low-life scumbags like tents, baloney sandwiches and pink underwear.
Gitmo prisoners demand removal of 'infidel' treadmills, Army complies - Wilmington Conservative | Examiner.com

As always, Joseph Farah tells (told) it like it is

The intentional destruction of America (repeated from 2009, and even more true today than then)

Sinister and frightening

Barack Obama’s $7 BILLION Dollar African Money Laundering Scheme - The Ulsterman Report

Just typical Regressive hypocrisy

Do not expect the left to really do anything about this race-baiter and hate-monger. What he has said is 100 times worse that what Paula Deen said, but he gets a pass because he is a black liberal.
If Paula Deen Is Fired Over Comments From 30 Years Ago – What Of MSNBC’s AL SHARPTON? - The Ulsterman Report

We and our children cannot visit the WH

But bigots and haters like this are welcome. Just shows you how untrustworthy and corrupt this administration is. IMPEACH OBAMA!!!!!!
Obama White House Admits – “Yeah, We Invited Radical Jew Hating Muslim Cleric To White House” - The Ulsterman Report

Please find a nearby protest and join them

IMPEACH OBAMA Protests Coming To A City Near You This Summer – Find Out How To Join - The Ulsterman Report

We WILL be looking for Rubio's replacement

Oh My. Sarah Palin Warns Marco Rubio – COMING FOR YOU - The Ulsterman Report

Confirmation of what already has been reported

The gun running had already been reported by Douglas Hagmann on CanadaFreePress.com. It is now confirmed by multiple other sources, with greater detail. One key issue is that the weapons had been supplied by the State Department, NOT the CIA, who deemed the recipients too dangerous.
And RINO Jeb Bush is going to give this treasonous hag a "liberty" medal. Shame on you Jeb, don't even think of 2016 any moire, we don't want you. And Hitlery, with your shrill, whiney voice, after these betrayals, we don't want you either>
BOOM!!!! Other Benghazi Shoe To Drop…GUNRUNNING – “Devastating to Obama and Hillary” - The Ulsterman Report

Tell me how certain are you that the the GOP will NOT cave in on this topic?

10%, 30%. 50%. 70%. 90%, 100%? Put your certainty in the comments below this blog posting. I am interested to see how much faith we still have in our GOP legislators.
The Boomerang Effect: Union Bosses Fear ‘Collapse’ of Obama’s NLRB & Supreme Court Ruling | RedState

Dynamite allegations about John Brennan and his hold over King Barry

The Truth Behind Barack Obama’s Benghazi Body Of Lies : Freedom Outpost

What you never read in the Lame Stream Media

Family picnic turns to horror thanks to black mob

Keep the Benghazi travesty alive to honor the dead

The usurper regime is hoping that all the other scandals will erase this egregious scandal from the public memory. Let us make sure that the heroes of Benghazi are not forgotten and hope that one day, those responsible will be held accountable.
The Patriot Factor

We threw King George and his lackeys out for less than this

So when will we rid ourselves of the Obama-Holder scourge?
Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious