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Is this the end of the USA, or the end of Progressivism as a power

The clock is slowly ticking towards 8 p.m. ET, is this the time and date that will be inscribed on the death certificate of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America? Or is this the date the the "Silent Majority" finally wakes up and helps the true patriots throw off the shackles of Progressivism that have been wrapped around our inalienable rights over the last 100 odd years?

A lot will depend on what construction Obama comes up with for those that are already here. The recent leaks point to some kind of work permit for families with children born here who are accepted, wrongly in my opinion, as US citizens. But I have said before, it is not realistic to expect a draconian response to these families. So a fair approach is to provide a work permit allowing them to pay taxes and to contribute to Social Security. Also they should pay a fine for the taxes missed in the years prior to this amnesty. They must also show that they and their family have been here a significant number of years (the actual number of years should be decided by Congress). And any government related support, welfare, healthcare subsidies, in-state tuition, etc., should only be eligible after the same number of years as legal immigrants, e.g. those earning a work visa or green card.

For employers we should insist on the use of e-verify and the application of stiff fines for those caught using any of the remaining illegals, from small landscaping companies to large manufacturing companies.

So we wait with bated breath to hear what will be presented tonight, and pray that we are not being "Grubered" yet again. After all, how often have the statements from this regime turned out to lack any veracity what so ever!

And if Obama presents himself as an emperor and makes a huge power grab, we will all have enough back bone to stand up to him and his cronies. The regime, supported by its lackeys of the Lame Stream Media, seem to think that they can pull the wool over the eyes of the "stupid Americans". Hopefully the GOP is wise to this trick and does not fall for the " GOP shut down the government" story. There are rumors that the GOP is looking at moving away from Omnibus funding bills, and going back to the old system of individual budgets by department. This means the GOP can add riders to the budget to ensure that the appropriations are only used for closely defined purposes. If King Barry then refuses to sign the bill because it excluded some funding that he requires, e.g. funds to print and distribute work permit cards, it is not the whole government that gets shut down, and it will be obvious to Americans who is being petulant. This will not work for every department, because some departments are funded by user fees. But I am sure that there must be some clever people in the GOP that can find a solution for those exceptions.

Separate, smaller funding bills will allow inclusion of riders that repeal parts of ObamaCare, for example the Medical Device Tax. Slowly removing the funding legs on which this travesty stands will help lead to a final total repeal and replace with a more practical solution. With the recent revelations about the deceit used to build and sell ObamaCare to Americans, this will bring more kudos to the GOP that will help them in the 2016 elections.

In the past the GOP and conservatives have fallen into the trap set by the DemocRATS by meeting their issues head on. We need to take the time to analyze their strategy and then design a counter attack that undermines the strategy and brings the GOP to their desired results.


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This link is in of its self strange....

But even stranger if you add in the lack of any reporting about our so called post-racial dictator meeting with any of Officer Wilson's family or representatives. Maybe that did happen but was so super secret that it was never uncovered. Or could it be that the squatter in the WH is giving up all pretense at being multiracial and is just doing what He wants?
For a team that ran such tightly messaged and successful campaigns, it seems as if they have taken their eyes off the ball right now. Or maybe they got bored and went back to playing with their X-boxes.

Bipartisanship, pshaw, I'll do want I want

After the recent elections, Caliph Hussein reluctantly dragged his sorry donkey in front of the microphones to say that he would deign to work with Congress and especially the Republicans. He expected that there would still be some topics on which he could not agree with these weird people, so admonished them to bring bills of a bipartisan nature which would be easy to sign.

Right now it looks as if the first bill to be placed on his desk, begging for the consideration of his scribble will be a very bipartisan bill. Insiders in DC are already talking about the possibility that it might even pull enough DemocRAT votes to make it veto proof. But if not, our dictator has already announced that he will veto this bill.

Let me see, so what he told us "stupid" Americans is that he is prepared to work with the Republicans, and that they had better bring him bills that are bipartisan, but if he still does not like them, he will exercise his infinite wisdom to veto them. I know that I have said this before, but is this psychotic not sounding more and more like King George of the 1770s? I am surprised that this country tolerates such a narcissistical, egotistical, megalomanic, lying bastard. (And before someone gets their pantyhose in a twist because of the disrespect that might emenate from that last word, I am technically correct. Whether BHO Sr. was his biological father matters little since legally BHO Sr. was already married and so could not marry  BHO Jr.'s guest womb. And there are many rumors of the possibility of a different biological father too.)

I know that the i-word is bandied about often and that many say it would be an impossible objective. But again, technically, the Constitution specifies high crimes and misdemeanors. Add far as I am concerned, as a simple student of our Constitution, constantly lying to the American people and treating us as ignorant subjects is close enough to the definition of high crimes as I need so that impeachment proceedings can be started. Or to make it even easier, maybe now enough people will lose their great fear (or awe) of Darth Vader and start real investigations into his background and nationality. I wish people would see that with all the lies perpetrated on America and Americans that we know about, there is a greater than 50% chance something is not kosher in his background either. And that might make things a lot easier because then we could automatically reverse every piece of paper he ever signed. It would be messy, I agree, but why are we afraid of cleaning up a mess when we would able to stop his America destroying tactics in their tracks. In fact, I would not protest a reasonable increase in taxes for a few years if that was a consequence of impeachment. After all, Dear Leader manages to find new ways to trick us into new tax increases anyway, so why not donate to a worthy charity, the removal of Barry Soetoro from office.

In days gone by, when we threw off the shackles of King George, even then the agitators were just a relatively small, vocal minority prepared to fight the good fight and do the right thing. In those days we had Tories and Patriots that discussed and fought each other; we had a media (only printed or word of mouth in those days) that itself was open to discussion, often vitriolic. But at least the truth came out, even if it was cloaked in all sorts of other misrepresentations. People could filter the media output and measure against other things being disseminated, then deciding for themselves what was and was not true. Today, most Americans are more interested in topics that have nothing to do with civics and politics but would not find them on their favorite channels anyway. Those that are interested are often derided by the Washington elitists.

BTW, for most LIV voters, questions about TMZ, VH1 or CMT related topics = 100% correct; questions about civics, politics or history = 10% correct.
As far as information sharing goes, the Regressive elites that control most of the media, especially those channels that the Low Information Voters tend to watch, have refused to carry anything about the mushrooming Jon Gruber scandal, even though the first videos surfaced two weeks ago. They have lost all journalistic integrity and slavishly regurgitate what is fed them by the imperialistic regime, conveniently omitting anything that might throw negative shadows on their carefully nurtured nestlings. It is despicable to see how quickly they parrot unfounded allegations around the Ferguson situation yet refuse to even mention proven and open lies about how the Unaffordable Care Act was assembled in a way full of deceit and misrepresentations. Worse still, when key figures from the regime try to distance themselves from Gruber, saying they knew nothing and he was a minor figure, videos immediately surface of them praising his participation on the process. And of course the media refuses to call anyone out on these blatant lies. Do they really think that 'We The People' are stupid and do not see through the buffalo excrement laden platitudes? In some ways, those lies are an even greater insult to all reasonable people (we can forget about the LIV TMZ, VH1 generation, perhaps even forgive them since the elitists are not feeding them the correct information).

So what can we do about this? As I said earlier, it would be awesome to think about impeachment or the overturning of King Barry's elections. But the Washington crowd is too interested in protecting their own jobs and lack the fortitude and honesty to take this issue as far as it needs to go. Maybe a few strong Republicans will take up the sword for us and the country; if we are lucky there might even be few brave DemocRATS who are prepared to join them. It would be a very courageous decision, because look at how the Washington establishment treats those who step off the reservation.(from either side) But I would happy to support such brave Democrat souls in the next election, even if their underlying political bent is not the same as mine. The event of my enemy is my friend, and I can respect any friend whose honesty I can trust.

Friday, October 31, 2014

And the Regressives say that there is no voting fraud?

It sems that this kind of vote changing has been discovered in Illinois, Maryland and Rhode Island. Where lese is this happening. One commenter describes this as a 'calibration error', as do the election officials, and he claims that there are examples of this happening in both directions R-->D AND D-->R. However, all examples of which I have heard are all in one direction, R-->D.

Lesson to be learned, watch very carefully when you vote and bring ANY discrepancies to the attention of the officials AND stick around to make sure that they take action. Be sure they do not put the fraud machine back into operation as soon as you leave.

And as the article states, one major requirement should be the printing of a copy of the votes cast, with one copy for the voter and one copy being retained for possible recounts (especially in the case of obvious discrepancies in totals)

Blatant Vote Fraud Via Rigged Machines in Illinois - YouTube

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Episode 236 - Commentary from the show

Last week, Dear Leader stood up again in front of the world and apologized. In a rambling speech to the UN he had the temerity to make a moral equivalence between the despicable barbaric acts of the ISIS terror organization and the Ferguson situation, an affair that has not even been investigated properly and no indictments handed down. If you are going to apologize for America, what about the black police officer who shot an unarmed white youth, with nary a word in the LSM. Or apologize for the city with the strongest gun laws in the country still having the highest gun murder rate in the country, where blacks kill blacks in droves, yet nary a word in the LSM. (The apology in the latter case should actually be for the resident of the WH and his Regressive cronies, who cannot see that gun laws do not work). But I am past being surprised at this incompetent idiot and I am too tired to be angry. I just pity him and all around him who seem to think that they can fool all the people all of the time. I sincerely believe that they will receive their comeuppances in the approaching November and 2016 elections. And if the American public is stupid enough to vote enough of these clowns back in, or shuts their eyes to the obvious voter fraud as in previous elections, then we must resign ourselves that our once great country, our values and the way of life that our Founding Fathers strove so hard to create and protect, is lost, probably for evermore.
Then on Sunday, with Steve Kroft of CBS 60 minutes, Dear Leader threw the intelligence community under the bus, blaming them for missing the build up of ISIS. Ever noticed that when there are good things it is always "I, I, I, me, I," where as when talking about negative things it is always someone else's fault, "they, they, they, they." Then the intelligence community started striking back, leaking about how the relevant information had been given to the White House starting months ago. There are even TV clips showing intelligence officials giving statements to Congressional committees about the threat of ISIS. But the White House did nothing. Then information came out that Dear Leader only attended 42% of his daily intelligence briefings in the last year. And as mentioned in a prior show the White House spokes liar claims King Barry reads the material, without having it actually presented. But strangely enough he does not have any questions like most previous presidents have for the participants of the briefings. So do you really believe he is actually taking notice? I don't, and it show in the cowardly way he refuses to lead and blames anyone else for his own problems. You may notice that I never use the P-word in connection with Mr. Obama and I never will. This is not disrespect for the office but the fact that I have no respect whatsoever for the current holder of that office.
In another hot topic of the week, the resignation of the most racially divisive, politically driven Attorney General finally occurred. Even his departure was politically motivated, as he had to leave early enough before the November elections to allow King Barry and Dingy Harry to ram through his choice of successor, sure to be someone as partisan and biased as Holder, or even more so. Holder made the Department of Injustice so bad that it will be difficult to make it any more politically radical and racially biased that it already is. But you never know what tricks are up the sleeve of the White House. What did disappoint me was the affirmation that the journalistic ethics in this country are non-existent. Chuck Todd (NBC Meet The Press) gushed liberally after the resignation about the most balanced and unbiased AG that Holder had been. With all the scandals and unassailable evidence of his bias, Todd's journalistic integrity disappeared in a puff of smoke with his statement. Even Holder himself admitted to and said he was proud of being an activist Attorney General. Here too though, I am too tired to be angry over the chutzpah that these Regressives have in thinking that that they can utter such obvious lies and distortions of the truth without being held accountable. And saddened because they are indeed not held accountable by either the American public, who should be the final judges after all, or even their own peers. And by that lack of accountability, the rest of the profession of journalists degrades itself and renders their integrity worthless across their whole group.
Finally just a reminder, that our marine, Sgt Tahmooressi has now been in a Mexican jail for over half a year. And yet the White House and the State Department are vocal in their silence. If it is important enough to give upfive high value and dangerous captives in exchange for one low level soldier in Afghanistan, then why is there not more action from the regime to free Tahmooressi? I believe that it shows that the release of Bergdahl was never the real reason for the exchange. Taking a less negative approach, it could have been an attempt to bolster the King's sagging popularity, which, unfortunately for Dear Leader, quickly turned sour from the reaction of Congress and the American people. Perhaps then the Narcissist-in-Chief decided to spite the military, and the military supporting American people that he blamed for the lack of a bump in his ratings, by instructing his lackeys that no further action should be taken to "rescue" or "return" any other military held abroad. A more conspiracy oriented explanation would be that the objective of the exchange was never to return Bergdahl to the US but to have an excuse for the release of the captives, since Caliph Hussein secretly supports the objectives of Muslim radicals around the globe. And for those who say this is far fetched and ridiculous, just look at his recent authorization of attacks on ISIS, I would say, yes, do look at his approach to ISIS. As mentioned last week, this pin-prick air strikes approach is just a namby-pamby attempt to boost his and his party's approval ratings with the American public in time for the November elections, without doing any real harm to the ISIS thugs. And while we are about it, the same person that slithered round the world apologizing for the arrogance that America showed in bringing their wars to foreign countries, now bombs a sovereign state, without permission of that country's leader, without authorization of the UN, as well as blatantly ignoring the Constitution. I am assuming that the Iraqi government rolled over and allowed the attacks to take place there, after all ISIS was fast approaching Bahgdad and the necks of those in the Green Zone enclave were very certainly on the line. And I do fault Congress for rolling over and ignoring the slap in their face, preferring to act as if nothing happened and focusing protecting their cushy jobs. Any legislators with any backbone should have left the campaign trail, hopped on a plane to DC and reconvened Congress. They could then debate the rights and wrongs of what King Barry had initiated in Syria and then debated whether funding should be cut-off, whether his Highness should be forced as yet to come to Congress and request permission to wage war, or censure him for not doing so. In my humble opinion, such action would have seen an immediate 10 point boost in every participant in such action, at least on the Republican side of the fence. And probably also for any blue dog democrats who were brave enough to join the Congressional refusal to abdicate their own power. But they did not have the backbone or intestinal fortitude to do the right thing instead of chasing votes. A pox on all of you, which ever side of the aisle you sit.

Hear the full show at the archives

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The VA system showed the way...

Now the NHS (UK health system) shows again that single payer is a fine utopian dream, but just that.... a dream.

A September 6, 2014 headline in Great Britain’s Daily Mail announced, “Now NHS lets you jump the queue for routine surgery... if you'll pay for treatment yourself.” The article proves that Britons are trapped in a healthcare sys...

Will he get an answer?

It would be interesting to see what kind of spin reply Senator Cruz gets from the corrupt IRS. It is also very frightening that the power hungry Progressives believe that they are strong enough to continue with using the IRS as a weapon, even after the exposure of Lois Lerner's culpable actions.

In a chilling example of the tyrannical nature of the government under which we now live, Breitbart news is being audited by the IRS.

Ted Cruz has responded to this transparent bullying of a conservative news outlet. Here is what he wrote:


The storm clouds are gathering for Hildebeest

I see this bubbling under for a while until early to mid next year, which would be the best time to affect the Clinton campaign. Unless Slick Willy and Hildebeest find a way to suppress this information. And don't underestimate the depths to which they would sink.

A potentially damaging and explosive revelation in the investigation of the Benghazi affair by the Daily Signal's Sheryl Attkisson. You may recall that Attkisson was forced out of her job at CBS for aggressively reporting on various Obama adminis...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yet again a DC elitist thinks that the law does not apply to her

And ignorance of the law is no defense, if anybody should know the laws, especially ethics laws, it should be our legislators, isn't that what we elect them for, to manage our laws. Remember Mary, it is not just dreaming up new inane laws that fetter our freedoms, you are supposed to know about existing laws as well, and obey them!

Report: Sen. Landrieu took nine more 'suspicious' flights | Fox News

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Proof (again) that regime elitists thumb their noses at the law (h/t @iowahawkblog)

Yet again we see how unelected bureaucrats pick and chose which laws they will follow. This is no government for the people by the people, it is goverment for the bureaucrats by the bureaucrats,  "and don't you sheeple dare interfere with us, we are superior beings."

Why will Americans not be woken up by these egregious attacks on our Constitutional government?

IRS chief: 'Whenever we can, we follow the law' | TheHill

Don't laugh at preppers

Time to decide to stock up on water, water purification tablets, fuel ( but not to much) and non-perishable foods (better still, freeze dried meals)

I Am An Islamophobe Because I Am A Realist

I grow furious as ever more apologists speak to the popular media to proclaim that the Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL) is an evil group but is in no way a reflection of the loving, peaceful religion that is Islam. It is time to wake up to the truth that Islam is both a religion and a dangerous ideology bent on world domination.
  • In 1994, Bill Clinton said: “[Americans know] the traditional values of Islam, devotion to faith and good works, to family and society, are in harmony with the best of American ideals.”
  • In 2002, George W. Bush said: “Here in the United States our Muslim citizens are making many contributions in business, science and law, medicine and education, and in other fields... [they are] upholding our nation’s ideals of liberty and justice in a world at peace.” And he said: “[Islam] inspires countless individuals to lead lives of honesty, integrity, and morality.”
  • In 2009, Barack Obama said: “Islam has always been a part of America’s story... and since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States.” He also said: “Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”
The truth is, Mr. Bush, we can do a head count of Muslims who live with honesty, integrity and morality. And through polling we can also approximate how many Muslims around the world are driven to lie, deceive and even murder infidels (in other words, us).
According to the results of a recent poll, support for the terror group is likely on the rise throughout the Western world. The poll, conducted on behalf of the Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya by ICM, found that among people in Great Britain, France and Germany 2 percent say they have a favorable view of Islamic State and 7 percent say they have a somewhat favorable view of the group. In France, which has a large Muslim population, 16 percent of those surveyed say they support ISIS; among people age 18-24 in the country the number jumps to 27 percent.
In a report about the poll, Vox’s Max Fisher wrote:
This is alarming, in part because a growing number of Europeans, often from predominantly Muslim immigrant communities, are not just expressing their support for ISIS in polls: they are traveling to Syria and Iraq to join up. The ISIS fighter who killed American journalist James Foley on video last week spoke with a strong London accent. European governments are rightly worried about the implications of this for their own national security.
It is time for our leaders to wake up to the fact that there is a large segment of Islam that is a threat to our national security and that, therefore, it is time to stop pandering to this so-called “religion of peace.”
After all, ISIS may be a small band of bloodthirsty murderers, but they are just one radical group that falls under the religious roof taught in mosques around the world. And as these groups kill and maim their way across the Middle East with ambitions against Americans, few Muslims will openly criticize their religious brethren. In fact, tens of millions of Muslims are in favor of killing infidels and dream of a future where Sharia law rules the world.
Yet our government seems to feel if we apologize enough, give in enough and are humble enough, Muslims will suddenly act like Buddhists and make friends with us Jews and Christians. Even the Washington neocons — the very ones who constantly proclaim that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was the seed that grew to become Adolf Hitler — cannot appease Muslims fast enough or thoroughly enough. I have bad news for these sheep in wolf’s clothing: ISIS is not a few bad apples that turned to terror. ISIS is part and parcel of Islam, an ideology more than a religion, and ISIS is casting a very dark shadow on freedom and liberty.
It seems to me the entire leadership in the West either wants to pacify Islam or is afraid to speak the truth. But avoiding the truth and the true goals of so many millions will not make this threat go away. America has to identify who the real enemy is. That means accepting that both the perpetrators of 9/11 and the terrorists who recently beheaded American journalists are indoctrinated by one religion, and it sure as heck isn’t Mormonism.

I Was ‘Caught Red-Handed’ By Two Mormons

Last year, I was walking home with a bottle of Merlot tucked under my arm, and I came across two young men dressed smartly in dark suits, wearing crisp white shirts and conservative neckties. Clearly, the two were on a mission for the Mormon Church. In high school and college, I had a lot of Mormon and Jewish friends and was even invited to their homes for dinner on occasion. I have to admit that I liked the Jewish faith best because they wouldn’t let me join and I often feel as Groucho Marx once said, “I wouldn’t want to join any club that would have me as a member.”
But I always enjoyed my Mormon friends — at least when it came to playing basketball, since there was no drinking beer together on Friday nights.
I talked to these two polite young men who did seem to care about my salvation, and we had a fun exchange. I told them I thought I was a bit too far gone, but would give them time to make their pitch if I had equal rebuttal time. We had a chuckle and went on our way.
I don’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling when I pass Muslims, which I do quite frequently in the city where I live. Maybe it is just me being silly; but, then again, dozens of jihadists from Calgary have left Canada and gone to join ISIS. In fact two Calgary brothers, Collin and Gregory Gordon, who two years ago lived a couple of miles from my home, were killed last month in Syria fighting for ISIS.
The National Post reported: “Collin Gordon was once an accomplished volleyball player, a sports fanatic and music enthusiast. His Twitter posts painted a picture of a fun-loving but thoughtful young man who loved basketball, electronic music and weekends.”
Last month, following the video broadcast beheading of American journalist James Foley, Collin Gordon tweeted, “10/10. The video of James Foley losing his neck is the perfection of ‘Terrorism.’”
Now I am going to jump to a conclusion: The two young Mormon men I met the other day are not going to go out and murder and celebrate beheadings because of something written in The Book of Mormon. I make the same prediction for Jews and Christians and their holy texts.
I can already hear the few bad apples retort from the progressives reading this. What I want to know is why those apples are showing up only in Islamic barrels.

Liberals Ignore Their Hypocrisy When It Comes To Islam

My wife and I have a daughter-in-law who is Lebanese and who has been shunned by the traditional Muslim elements of her family for committing the sin of falling in love with our American infidel son. Another of our children lived and worked in the Middle East. I was afraid to say too much about Islam in case they would suffer the consequences.
I have learned that in the Middle East, the bosom of Islam (that peace-loving religion), all you have to do is wear a crucifix around your neck to be arrested. And God help you if you are a woman because Allah sure as hell won’t help you. As a woman, you cannot in many Mideast countries be on the street without a male relative, you cannot drive a car or ride a bicycle, and you damn well better have enough clothes on or the roaming bands of religious police will put you under arrest. If you happen to be gay, that’s a death sentence.
Still, the bleeding-heart liberals lecture us on how we should not judge Islam. I’ve got news for you liberals, if we don’t deal with Islam now, they will deal with us the way the Nazis dealt with the Jews. Of course, you could always call-up the ACLU; but if Sharia law ever takes hold, there will be no ACLU.
I like to think I am fearless when it comes to writing what I believe, but even I am afraid to write too strongly about what I really think of Islam — not because somebody will hurt me. To hell with that, come and get me. But I fear repercussions on my publisher and my family. But frankly, as I am on the downside to 60, I don’t like to have to watch every word that I write in the off chance of retribution.
As for you progressives, I expect lots of messages. Yuck it up now. You have that right. But if Islam ever achieves its global goal of world domination, free speech will be something your children and grandchildren will not have; and you will have contributed to that end.
Yours in good times and bad,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

If not Thursday (9/11) then soon....

More plain words on the danger that we are faced with due to Washington's refusal to seal the border. And while this article rightly places the emphasis of the blame on the D side of the aisle, the R's will have some blood on their hands too.

Articles: Lives for Votes

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Not just for Florida

The message in this article, especially at the end, applies to elections throughout the country, at local, state and federal levels. Unfortunately we seem to have forgotten how important honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are to the political process. Just let me remind you, it matters not whether the candidate's name is followed by a D, R, L or I, if they have proven lies, fraud or other shenanigans in their past, reject them, do not vote for them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Once again the wolf sheds its sheep's clothing....

As if we did not know already, King Barry (or is it Emperor now?) revealed his lack of willingness to negotiate on policy items. yet again, he is openly stating that his approach to discourse is "My way or the highway!" No wonder there is gridlock in Washington, between Dear Leader and Dingy Harry, they have effectively turned of any one that was open to talking with them and trying to get things done.

Obama on GOP: ‘We’ll Break Those Folks Down… That’s How I Got Michelle to Marry Me’ | Mediaite

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sharia BS, coming to a city near you

We have existed for hundreds of years without Jews complaining about bacon signs, so what makes Muslims special that they can interfere with our way of life. If you don't eat bacon, ignore the sign and get on with your life. If not, get the hell out of the USA, we are a country built on TOLERANCE, not the imposition of individual views on the masses.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

It is sick how the Regressives react when their pet projects are attacked

Even though it is very obvious to all logically thinking people how evil and dangerous ISIS is, the Regressives have already started their campaign to hide the truth by twisting words, because they feel they must appease these monsters. Mark my words, this is just the start of the war of words to make ISIS look like a sorry, poor, oppressed people. The Regressives, supposedly the party of women's and gay rights, is too blind to see that those they support will turn on them if they let the Islamists take power. And political correctness will hasten that stealing of power.
I do like the quote at the end of the article which, paraphrased, says "in OUR country you will be free to practice your medieval, goat-herders so called religion but only those parts which do not conflict with our social norms of a civilized society. Anything that conflicts will not be accepted for exemption from legal protection based on religious grounds and will be prosecuted with the full force of the law."

Friday, August 22, 2014

WTF? This goes beyond all bounds of credulity

With two jaw-dropping statements in a single news conference Wednesday, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf summed up the entire Obama administration approach to world problems.
And why modern Democrats are so hopeless when it comes to dealing with them.
State Dept. whoppers: Beheading wasn’t directed at the US; Islamic State isn’t ‘Islamic’ - BizPac Review

Isn't this sad, the LSM is more worried about riots than seeing justice served

Look at the implication here, that even if the investigation showed the officer acted correctly, some sort of indictment needs to be handed down to keep the mob quiet. We have sunk another step down the path to banana republic, instead of a republic, we now have mob rule.

New fear: What happens in Ferguson if no charges? |

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thank you @marklevinshow for exposing this corruption

Monday, August 18, 2014

Is the 1/2 WH really this petty?

...and even cowardly not to own up to such an action when confronted? Or are these left wing lackeys acting as they expect their Dear Leader would like them to act?

White House Nixes Fox News? - Tea Party News

The line between anti-war protests and anti-semitism becomes blurred...

But notice how no-one is calling for the removal of halal food over the ethnic cleansing of Yazidis and Christians by the ISIS thugs.

Friday, August 15, 2014

This says it all

The Democratic Party of yore is no more. Instead it has been taken over by the rabid Regressives, including Socialists, Marxists, Islamists and atheists. Which is one of the reasons why this country is so divided. You could have a reasonable debate with an "old Democrat", and even if neither of you could convince the other with your arguments, to could part friends. Today, if you dare disagree with a Regressive, you will be called a racist, misogynist (hater of women for those of you Regressives that served time in a government school), homophobe or Islamophobe.
Oh, for the days when civil discourse was possible.

Let's bring this disaster back to forefront of public opinion

In addition to recent news that hundred of thousands of those who signed up for ObamaCurse have not paid, here is confirmation about another negative effect of the Unaffordable Care Act. So slowly the true cost of this monstrosity is becoming visible, disruption of our healthcare system, increase in premiums and costs, overbearing and intrusive record keeping and the loss of jobs and working hours for millions of people. All to provide healthcare to a group of people that gets smaller over day. Shame on you, DemocRATS, for unconstitutionally forcing this travesty on us.

One of the best commentaries on the Ferguson mess

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crony capitalism corruption at its worst

And yet again we see how this regime manages to twist a law designed to prevent crony capitalism into something that actually does exactly the opposite

Holman W. Jenkins: FCC's Friends and Family Plan - WSJ

Another @talkmaster treatise that you must read

Sunday, August 3, 2014

More federal government overreach?

Yet again we see a bill proposed in DC, which in of itself seems quite a logical bill to enact. After all, who is not against young girls on college campuses (campii?) being subjected to sexual assaults?
But if you look at it Constitutionally, this is not something that is the purview of the federal government. And if not a federal topic then it must be an issue that should be addressed by the states.
So before you lefties get your knickers in a twist and accuse me of supporting the thugs on campus who attack girls, read the above carefully and note that all I ask for is that the correct part of our government looks after these problems.

If we had more people in DC reviewing bills for their correct Constitutionality, instead of for their own aggrandizement, a lot of this federal overreach would never have occurred. And talking about aggrandizement, look at the legislators in this piece. Do you really think they are saying "look at this good legislation"? I think they are saying "look at what WE did to protect these poor young girls". An excellent showcase of why DC is such a mess.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Can you believe this? Bizzaro world on steroids!!

They break our laws, crossing the border, they take our taxpayer money for food, healthcare and more, they bring diseases and crime to our country, they overload our schools and destroy our educational system. And now the government wants to put  them above US citizens and LEGAL immigrants????? What is happening to our country?

It is time we told the elitists in DC, enough is enough. No more amnesty, no more free rides, send them ALL home!!

In Event of Emergency, Illegals to be Evacuated Before Citizens - Tea Party News

Monday, July 28, 2014

Regressive hypocrisy of the worst kind

While by now my readers should be used to the hypocrisy exhibited by the loony Left at every opportunity, this latest example is probably the worst ever. Basically, because of the attempts to turn the Koch brother's into right wing racist monsters, the narrative of donations to the UNCF is completely off track. So to "protect" their vile story, the union mentioned is prepared to deny scholarships and other financial aid. Instead of being positive and celebrating that the "evil gotten gains", in their view, of the Koch brothers are being used to support minorities instead of the "evil Tea Party", just read the disgusting approach that they take.

I just wish that the black community would open their eyes and see how they are being played by their Regressive white masters and the left wing Uncle Toms.

Politics: AFSCME ends financial support of black colleges because they accepted Koch brothers gift | Best of Cain

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Proof that the GOP elitists are as much about nanny state government as the Left

So the wolf has thrown off its sheep's clothing and revealed its true nature. After masquerading as a small government conservative, we now see that at heart Paul Ryan is a big government right wing Regressive.
I have had enough of these big government elitists, whether GOP or DemocRATS, who think that they know everything better than us and want to use the barrel of a gun to ensure we listen. And while you might say that sounds a little harsh, in essence I am correct, since at the end of the line the power of government is backed up by guns. Which is why they are so intent on taking away our guns.
Anyway, I am glad that Rep. Ryan will not be running for VP or POTUS in 2016, because I cannot see myself voting for him if he does.

Friday, July 25, 2014

So Sarah was right about 'death panels'!

The government will decide who does and who does not get expensive drugs. How long before political leaning is part of the equation, like for the IRS, DOJ, EPA, etc.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Watch out folks

More economy killing measures being held back until after the elections

Yet another example of Dear Leader's hypocrisy h/t @teriobrien

Read here how half white man spoke with forked tongue when in the senate, and most certainly contributed significantly to the current ILLEGAL immigrant problem.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guilty until proven innocent

The city of New York seems to be doing something very wrong in their attempt to stamp out Uber and others running illegal cabs.
While elsewhere illegals are given a paper slip and told to appear in court later, which most of them do not do, these poor people are subject to serious inconvenience, just to satisfy petty bureaucrats' lust for power. While the NY law is stupid and even draconian, it is the law. But the immediate impounding, I suspect, is unconstitutional because the law says innocent until proven guilty. So prove that a person is breaking the law, then you have the right to impound their vehicle. Where is the warrant signed by a judge, as required by the 4th Amendment?
And if this was one or two a year, yes, even the inspectors are human. But hundreds shows a flagrant disregard for the law.
(Full disclosure, I used Uber for the first time yesterday - not in NY ;-) - and found it to be an excellent experience, far superior and cheaper to using a cab. Wake up New York, the free market works better than all those government regulations)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And so it starts here at home too, heaven help us.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Where in the Constitution.....?

More government overreach envisaged by the faceless bureaucrats appointed by this Regressive regime. I am fed up with all these attempts to regulate our lives. It is time someone told these pompous  asses that what they want to do is far beyond anything that the Constitution allows.