Sunday, July 27, 2014

Proof that the GOP elitists are as much about nanny state government as the Left

So the wolf has thrown off its sheep's clothing and revealed its true nature. After masquerading as a small government conservative, we now see that at heart Paul Ryan is a big government right wing Regressive.
I have had enough of these big government elitists, whether GOP or DemocRATS, who think that they know everything better than us and want to use the barrel of a gun to ensure we listen. And while you might say that sounds a little harsh, in essence I am correct, since at the end of the line the power of government is backed up by guns. Which is why they are so intent on taking away our guns.
Anyway, I am glad that Rep. Ryan will not be running for VP or POTUS in 2016, because I cannot see myself voting for him if he does.

Friday, July 25, 2014

So Sarah was right about 'death panels'!

The government will decide who does and who does not get expensive drugs. How long before political leaning is part of the equation, like for the IRS, DOJ, EPA, etc.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Watch out folks

More economy killing measures being held back until after the elections

Yet another example of Dear Leader's hypocrisy h/t @teriobrien

Read here how half white man spoke with forked tongue when in the senate, and most certainly contributed significantly to the current ILLEGAL immigrant problem.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guilty until proven innocent

The city of New York seems to be doing something very wrong in their attempt to stamp out Uber and others running illegal cabs.
While elsewhere illegals are given a paper slip and told to appear in court later, which most of them do not do, these poor people are subject to serious inconvenience, just to satisfy petty bureaucrats' lust for power. While the NY law is stupid and even draconian, it is the law. But the immediate impounding, I suspect, is unconstitutional because the law says innocent until proven guilty. So prove that a person is breaking the law, then you have the right to impound their vehicle. Where is the warrant signed by a judge, as required by the 4th Amendment?
And if this was one or two a year, yes, even the inspectors are human. But hundreds shows a flagrant disregard for the law.
(Full disclosure, I used Uber for the first time yesterday - not in NY ;-) - and found it to be an excellent experience, far superior and cheaper to using a cab. Wake up New York, the free market works better than all those government regulations)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And so it starts here at home too, heaven help us.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Where in the Constitution.....?

More government overreach envisaged by the faceless bureaucrats appointed by this Regressive regime. I am fed up with all these attempts to regulate our lives. It is time someone told these pompous  asses that what they want to do is far beyond anything that the Constitution allows.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Regime at work again

Reminding bodies funded by us poor taxpayers that they have to follow the law, although the Regime itself picks and chooses which laws it wants to follow.

Maybe there is a liberal who is not insane

Or maybe he will turn out to be an ex-liberal

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Regressive hypocrisy

Funny how the LSM talking heads project their opinions as facts all the time, yet this poor reporter is punished for doing the same. But of course, we all know why this happened, it is about reporters injecting their opinions, it is about injecting the right (or wrong) opinion. If he had said that the boy was angry at welfare cuts by Republicans, the reporter would have promoted.

Thank you government indoctrination camps

Aka public schools

We really cannot trust this regime anymore

More blood boiling information!!!! h/t @teriobrien

Yet again we see that the duplicitous regime is lying to us. They are bringing in scum, using our taxpayer dollars to feed and clothe them, all the while telling us that this is a "humanitarian crisis". It is NOT, it is just another back door way to provide amnesty and force the issue on so called comprehensive immigration reform. I say we should put them all in camps until their deportation hearings and then take them straight to the border. Mexico is actually supporting their transit to the USA, so let our untrustworthy southern neighbor resolve their transportation back home too. I expect that will very quickly put the kibosh on Nieto's support for these vagrants traveling through his country in either direction.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yet again Regressive hypocrisy shines bright

As soon as the Regressives start shouting about something, you can be sure they are projecting their own activities on the opposition.

Death of the First Amendment

This article clearly highlights many of the issues that we should have with this latest attack on the Constitution, especially the fact the taxpayer money is being used to police thoughts. No real discriminatory actions occurred in this case, other than the lampooning of the Anointed One. But this is what the Regressives want, total control of your life, your mind and anything else personal. Are we going to let them do this to us? Call your legislators and have them ask Eric Holder and his the Department of Injustice why our dollars are being wasted on unconstitutional activities.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Regressives = Corruption

Power at any price, that is what the Regressives believe and here is yet another example of the nefarious corrupt actions of an Obama appointee.

Politics: You've never heard of the Chemical Safety Board, but it's corrupt too | Best of Cain

Revisionist history, just like in Soviet Russia

New Advanced Placement Framework Distorts America’s History | Heartlander Magazine

DemocRATS have no sense of humor

Reminds me of the comedian that was imprisoned by the Gestapo for making a joke about Hitler.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Count to ten......

.. So my blog does not boil. This regime, which you really cannot call an administration anymore, just totally ignores the rule of law. Why oh why are we not on the streets demanding the impeachment of everyone from the top down.

More evidence that the Regime knew in advance about the surge of UACs

And rather than trying to stop it, it seems they were preparing for it. I smell another Congressional investigation....

EXCLUSIVE: HHS Bankrolled Catholic and Baptist Church from 2010 to 2013 to Prepare for Obama’s 2014 Invasion! |

If this does not make your blood boil!!!!

We must start contacting our legislators and demand that ALL foreign aid to these enemies of the US is stopped immediately, as well as all banking transactions (so we can cutoff the flow of our dollars from the illegals already in the country). Then wait for the economies of these corrupt countries to collapse and for them to come begging to us. At that point we offer them restoration of aid, if they take all of their scum back!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A great summary....

Of what needs to be done with regard to the border crisis. Instead Dear Leader waffles and pontificates about spending more money. It is all Regressives know how to do, spend, spend, spend. And a very low percentage of what has been proposed will actually be spent on border security. Most of it is for Regressive groups to provide legal aid, support and transportation so these illegals can be distributed and lost all over the country. The GOP needs to say NO!, here is 500 million, close the border, and then we can talk about the remaining 3.3 billion that you want. Remember GOP, the Constitution gives you the power of the purse strings. USE IT!

LL smoking gun?

So now we have proof that Lois Lerner knows that they were doing things that were not totally legal, and she instructed her folks to take steps to prevent proper Congressional oversight. To me this smacks of illegal activity, so let us indict her and get her into jail as soon as possible. I suspect that, faced with a jail term, she may start to sing like a canary.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Does this remind you of something?

For those who say that it is scaremongering to compare what is going on today in America to what happened in Germany in the 1930's, look around you and think hard. This story, yet again the government keeping things under wraps for no real reason other than the danger to them off the political fallout if people find out how bad things are; armed police SWAT teams that are more like Army SEAL teams, folks wake up to what is happening in America!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

And talking about moral decay......

Would you have ever expected this from an organization claiming to be a Christian Church? I really believe that this organization has lost its moral compass, supporting same-sex marriage (and whatever your views on the subject, you have to agree that same sex relationships are proscribed by the Bible) and refusing charity for children that survive abortion. If a church stops following the tenets of the Holy Book, can they still claim to be a religious institution. Perhaps they should change their charter to be an organization for 'social justice' and skip the whole religion thing.

Shocking: You Wouldn't Believe What This Church Just Voted Down

Another example of the moral decay of this once great nation

Unbelievable: Company Praises Genocidal, Oppressive Regime to Sell Soda

Don't give up on the Tea Party just yet

The hidden part of the story that the LSM does not bring us, and yes there are a number of significant successes, even if McDaniel and Shannon were not.

Some Tea Party Victories the Mainstream Media Refuses to Cover

This all has to do with leadership...

..or actually the lack of leadership, that percolates from the top down and manifests itself in a culture with a lack of accountability. And while the private sector is more or less self regulating (thank you free markets), the closed government environment allows these proclivities to reign unfettered.

Obama EPA Employees Pooping in Hallways

Does this surprise you anymore

I have not had a chance to determine the veracity of this report, but quite frankly, after everything else I don't expect anything less from this corrupt regime. It is indeed a sad state of affairs that we even think that these things are possible from the DC thugs, whether true or not.

Report: Obama Admin Intimidating Soldiers who Know the Truth About Bergdahl

So all King Barry has to do is go on the TV and say "Don't Come"?

This should be easy as Dear Leader just LOVES being on the haunted fish tank. One quick interview on Univision or other local channels in Mexico and Central America, just say "you will be sent back" and the stream will dry up.

Illegal Mom Caught at Border: ‘People Told Me ... If You Go To The U.S., Your Children Can Go To School' | CNS News

But don't hold your breath, you don't really think he would do that, do you?

How I communicated my disgust to the GOP

Please remove me from your fund raising lists with immediate effect. I am disgusted by the traitorous action of the campaign of Thad Cochran and the complicity of the GOP leadership. Even if you, Cochran and all of your cronies were not directly involved in the despicable activities around the robo-calls and the flyers accusing McDaniel of racism, your silence indicates assent with these underhand tactics. If you have to resort to subterfuge in order to retain power, just be aware that you are at the end of your time. We oppose these dinosaurs that cling to power at any cost, especially when it means kowtowing to the opposition. You and the rest of the GOP establishment are rightly frightened of the wave of change that is heading your way and your shenanigans will only delay the inevitable. We are working hard to sweep the RINOs, progressive Republicans and other power hungry geriatrics out of Congress and the GOP. 

In the meanwhile, I will never again donate money to any arm of the Republican Party (except individual candidates that I trust) , and I will devote my energies to rebuilding the GOP the way it should be, free of the "Progressive" Republicans. If the GOP cannot be rebuilt, then we will build a new party outside the GOP. And BTW, please do not expect me to volunteer, as i did for the past elections, for GOTV or other activities for the GOP in the upcoming election, I am so fed up with the GOP I am ready to support Democrat & Independent candidates that oppose RINOs like Cochran, etc., so that we can clean up the party. Thanks to all your activities in this campaign, but also many others, your are alienating your base and hastening the arrival of a new party with true conservative values.

[message sent in reply to NRSC and other GOP fund-raising emails, as well as via the contact form on]

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Is Everbody Just Focussing on Lois Lerner?

The discussion over the IRS scandal continues, with the new Commissioner Koskinen having been grilled in a most unfriendly fashion on Capitol Hill. And let's be honest, he deserved every moment, due to his arrogant approach, refusal to apologize, parroting of party talking points and general absence of any remorse. His whole attitude show what a party hack he really is (and that is obviously not a Grand Old Party hack). This is, of course, something that is totally unacceptable, since if there is one government department that should not be partisan is is the IRS (actually 2, Department of Justice too). 

But the current regime has so corrupted and intertwined the political and administrative structures that it will take us years to untangle the mess which has been created. In many cases, because of the arcane rules preventing government employees from being fired, even when caught perpetrating fraud and corruption, it will be easier just to defund and get rid of the relevant department. We can get rid of the IRS, repeal the 16th Amendment and institute the Fair Tax, but the Department of Injustice will just have to have a major reduction in funds. That will probably bypass the stupid civil service rules and let us put these people where they belong, in the real world where they have to do a real job for a living, instead of a cushy job requiring little effort, with high wages and little risk. 

However, back to the IRS! Right now talk radio and the sub-committees in DC are focusing on the emails lost off Lois Lerner's PC. They are asking the person at the top why, and he comes up with these admittedly plausible but unlikely scenarios. Because he is so many levels away from the actual activities, he is even assuming plausible deniability. In other words, when proof surfaces that counters anything said earlier, he just utters, "well, I could not have known that". And although the GOP committee members tear into him and give him a really rough time, you can see that he knows that the WH and the LSM have his back because he just shrugs it off. Even Trey Gowdy, who was probably the most aggressive, seem to elicit little in contrition from this pompous ass. I do applaud Trey for his attacks, and hope that this is a sample of the fireworks that we will see when he chairs the select committee. Trey Gowdy for AG in the next administration!!

But I also hope that the select committee will take a different tack to uncovering the truth. Let's just suppose that Lerner's machine did actually have a hard drive crash, AND the server backup tapes are overwritten after six months (as I said plausible but unlikely). We can then subpoena all possible recipients of such emails (DOJ, Treasury, WH, etc) since surely they will not have had hard drive crashes too. So instead of talking to the party hack at the top, call in the IT experts and determine what the current procedures are (are they correct) and were they properly executed. If it turns out that server backup tapes should be kept for longer that 6 months, but in this case were not, WHY NOT? Who ordered the divergence from protocols? This would lessen the impact of the loss of the emails because tit points to an obvious attempt to destroy probably incriminating evidence. Don't forget there are Federal laws that stipulate how long documents, including emails have to be kept, why were those laws not obeyed at the IRS. First get the truth from the low-level grunts and then hit the top and have them worm their way out of that. And a day later the National Archivist confirmed that the IRS broke federal law around the archiving of their emails. Where is the accountability now?

And talking about determining the existence of incriminating evidence without actually having it (i.e. proving it through circumstantial evidence). When the lower level IT specialists are subpoenaed, ask them about the other six hard drive crashes that coincidentally occurred on the computers of other people implicated in the investigation. How many other hard drive crashes were logged in the same 6-8 week time period? Hundreds? In that case it might a coincidence (although I don't believe in coincidences) that the six investigated employees conveniently also had the same problem. If the total was 8 or 10 (including the six), then it is obvious that the regime has something to hide. 

Of course, now the regime knows what to expect from Trey Gowdy and my plan, they will be scrambling to cover all the bases (or crash all the hard drives and overwrite the backup tapes) and they will have the time to do it. Or am I inflating my own self-importance by thinking that the regime is actually listening to my broadcasts?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

yet again we discover a massive regime overreach

So now we have an NSA of financial transactions, and just see how much information is being collected. This regime is like the STASI and GESTAPO on steriods in terms of data collection. And of course, it will be all used to "protect" the consumers (from doing anything on their own and that might impact the regime). When conservatives take over, we have to add Frank-Dood and the CFPB to the list of repeals, not just ObamaCurse.

Obama Admin. Is Getting Grilled About a Massive Mortgage Database That Could Be Used for Criminal Investigations |

Friday, June 20, 2014

So obvious why Hildebeest is a mistake for the USA in 2016

But will the LIV's ever hear about these criminal activities, or care?

Thanks @talkmaster, for this exposure...

Of our lying, corrupt, criminal, treasonous regime

Monday, June 16, 2014

As if we did not already know

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another excellent commentary by Thomas Sowell

Someone whose opinion is always razor sharp

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mitch McConnell is muscling Republicans to back Cochran » The Right Scoop -

MS readers of this blog, please get out there and support Chris McDaniel, readers from other states send money, if you can. We have to show the elitist GOP establishment that Dave Brat is not a fluke.

Mark Levin explains how Mitch McConnell is muscling Republicans to back Cochran » The Right Scoop -

The rule of law has been thrown into the gutter

Military Bases: Obama's New Illegal Alien Dumping Grounds - Michelle Malkin - Page full

A message that the GOP establishment should read....

..if they don't want to get steamrollered by the Tea Party

Dave Brat and the Return of the Constitution | The American Spectator

Wow, was Chris Matthews on the road to Damascus?

What happened to this ardent leftist that has make his change his tune? Has he seen the light?

Ronan Farrow Asks Chris Matthews About David Brat & the Tea Party, Then Gets an Answer He Probably Didn’t Expect: ‘Well, First of All…’ | Video |

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is this Barry's 'Scandal Of The Week'?

The regime's refusal to execute existing immigration laws has created a flood of refugees at the border, and nothing is being done to stop this river of poor, uneducated welfare sucking children.

‘King Coyote’, the Pied Piper of Illegal Immigration

@NatPat with damning evidence of treason by Dear Leader and Hildebeest

And unfortunately, as ever, all this will be swept under the LSM rug to try to keep the record of king Barry prsitine. So please share this information with all you friends, family, acquaintances and even your liberal enemies. » Blog Archive » Partners in High Crimes, Together in Treason

Are Regressives physically capable of uttering one word of truth?

As this story by Dick Morris, who knows the Clintons very well having been an adviser to Slick Willy, shows the heir apparent to the regressive throne is lying, twisting the truth and generally trying to revise history, yet again!

Clinton's Up To Her Old Games - at

This will be most certainly the worst presidency in the history of this great country

As evidenced by the (Democ)rats leaving the sinking ship. Roll on November 2014, I wonder if Dear Lame Duck Leader will go nuts with executive orders in 2015. perhaps he will alienate Congress and 'We The People' enough to have impeachment proceeding instigated.

'I've Had Enough': When Democrats Quit on Obama -

Hmmm, far out conspiracy theory, or is there more to this?

This Journalist Died After Exposing Bowe Bergdahl's Anti-Americanism

Yet another Regressive lying and revising history to their own ends...

Major Factual Error About Benghazi In Hillary's New Book | The Daily Caller