Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Episode 236 - Commentary from the show

Last week, Dear Leader stood up again in front of the world and apologized. In a rambling speech to the UN he had the temerity to make a moral equivalence between the despicable barbaric acts of the ISIS terror organization and the Ferguson situation, an affair that has not even been investigated properly and no indictments handed down. If you are going to apologize for America, what about the black police officer who shot an unarmed white youth, with nary a word in the LSM. Or apologize for the city with the strongest gun laws in the country still having the highest gun murder rate in the country, where blacks kill blacks in droves, yet nary a word in the LSM. (The apology in the latter case should actually be for the resident of the WH and his Regressive cronies, who cannot see that gun laws do not work). But I am past being surprised at this incompetent idiot and I am too tired to be angry. I just pity him and all around him who seem to think that they can fool all the people all of the time. I sincerely believe that they will receive their comeuppances in the approaching November and 2016 elections. And if the American public is stupid enough to vote enough of these clowns back in, or shuts their eyes to the obvious voter fraud as in previous elections, then we must resign ourselves that our once great country, our values and the way of life that our Founding Fathers strove so hard to create and protect, is lost, probably for evermore.
Then on Sunday, with Steve Kroft of CBS 60 minutes, Dear Leader threw the intelligence community under the bus, blaming them for missing the build up of ISIS. Ever noticed that when there are good things it is always "I, I, I, me, I," where as when talking about negative things it is always someone else's fault, "they, they, they, they." Then the intelligence community started striking back, leaking about how the relevant information had been given to the White House starting months ago. There are even TV clips showing intelligence officials giving statements to Congressional committees about the threat of ISIS. But the White House did nothing. Then information came out that Dear Leader only attended 42% of his daily intelligence briefings in the last year. And as mentioned in a prior show the White House spokes liar claims King Barry reads the material, without having it actually presented. But strangely enough he does not have any questions like most previous presidents have for the participants of the briefings. So do you really believe he is actually taking notice? I don't, and it show in the cowardly way he refuses to lead and blames anyone else for his own problems. You may notice that I never use the P-word in connection with Mr. Obama and I never will. This is not disrespect for the office but the fact that I have no respect whatsoever for the current holder of that office.
In another hot topic of the week, the resignation of the most racially divisive, politically driven Attorney General finally occurred. Even his departure was politically motivated, as he had to leave early enough before the November elections to allow King Barry and Dingy Harry to ram through his choice of successor, sure to be someone as partisan and biased as Holder, or even more so. Holder made the Department of Injustice so bad that it will be difficult to make it any more politically radical and racially biased that it already is. But you never know what tricks are up the sleeve of the White House. What did disappoint me was the affirmation that the journalistic ethics in this country are non-existent. Chuck Todd (NBC Meet The Press) gushed liberally after the resignation about the most balanced and unbiased AG that Holder had been. With all the scandals and unassailable evidence of his bias, Todd's journalistic integrity disappeared in a puff of smoke with his statement. Even Holder himself admitted to and said he was proud of being an activist Attorney General. Here too though, I am too tired to be angry over the chutzpah that these Regressives have in thinking that that they can utter such obvious lies and distortions of the truth without being held accountable. And saddened because they are indeed not held accountable by either the American public, who should be the final judges after all, or even their own peers. And by that lack of accountability, the rest of the profession of journalists degrades itself and renders their integrity worthless across their whole group.
Finally just a reminder, that our marine, Sgt Tahmooressi has now been in a Mexican jail for over half a year. And yet the White House and the State Department are vocal in their silence. If it is important enough to give upfive high value and dangerous captives in exchange for one low level soldier in Afghanistan, then why is there not more action from the regime to free Tahmooressi? I believe that it shows that the release of Bergdahl was never the real reason for the exchange. Taking a less negative approach, it could have been an attempt to bolster the King's sagging popularity, which, unfortunately for Dear Leader, quickly turned sour from the reaction of Congress and the American people. Perhaps then the Narcissist-in-Chief decided to spite the military, and the military supporting American people that he blamed for the lack of a bump in his ratings, by instructing his lackeys that no further action should be taken to "rescue" or "return" any other military held abroad. A more conspiracy oriented explanation would be that the objective of the exchange was never to return Bergdahl to the US but to have an excuse for the release of the captives, since Caliph Hussein secretly supports the objectives of Muslim radicals around the globe. And for those who say this is far fetched and ridiculous, just look at his recent authorization of attacks on ISIS, I would say, yes, do look at his approach to ISIS. As mentioned last week, this pin-prick air strikes approach is just a namby-pamby attempt to boost his and his party's approval ratings with the American public in time for the November elections, without doing any real harm to the ISIS thugs. And while we are about it, the same person that slithered round the world apologizing for the arrogance that America showed in bringing their wars to foreign countries, now bombs a sovereign state, without permission of that country's leader, without authorization of the UN, as well as blatantly ignoring the Constitution. I am assuming that the Iraqi government rolled over and allowed the attacks to take place there, after all ISIS was fast approaching Bahgdad and the necks of those in the Green Zone enclave were very certainly on the line. And I do fault Congress for rolling over and ignoring the slap in their face, preferring to act as if nothing happened and focusing protecting their cushy jobs. Any legislators with any backbone should have left the campaign trail, hopped on a plane to DC and reconvened Congress. They could then debate the rights and wrongs of what King Barry had initiated in Syria and then debated whether funding should be cut-off, whether his Highness should be forced as yet to come to Congress and request permission to wage war, or censure him for not doing so. In my humble opinion, such action would have seen an immediate 10 point boost in every participant in such action, at least on the Republican side of the fence. And probably also for any blue dog democrats who were brave enough to join the Congressional refusal to abdicate their own power. But they did not have the backbone or intestinal fortitude to do the right thing instead of chasing votes. A pox on all of you, which ever side of the aisle you sit.

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