Saturday, July 31, 2010

Check out
Heartened by all the anti-progressive billboards along I-75 between Ocala and Atlanto
on way to see new grandson

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

COiC asks for bi-partisanship to pass law for small businesses. What else is in the bill, Presidency for life?
More unbelievable news - Financial Reform Bill excludes SEC from FOIA requests? What happened to transparency? Another act to repeal!
OT Became a grand-dad just over an hour ago (so technically yesterday) - Hank Jan Bartelski welcome to the world

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is a post from my new Ping account, to see if it works

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The usurper Franken is spouting on about the progressives next attack issue: Net Neutrality

Thursday, July 15, 2010

0bamacare in action - WH!!! Issues rule that insurance companies must give certain tests for free. UNCONSTITUTIONAL ~ IMPEACH

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How vile of the wife of the COiC to join in spreading lies about the TP being racist, while the REAL RACISTS are the scum New Black Panthers
NAACP accuses TP of racism, are they trying to divert attention from the extreme racism exhibited by the New Black Panthers?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

private Galf time 0-0, come on Holland, put a couple in the net.
Total hypocrisy, Holder, after killing Black Panther case, is threatening to sue AZ for racial profiling! Unbelievable

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gibbs yet again dodges a valid question, this time about Berwick (Medicare chief) and redistribution. Why the h*** won't he just answer!!
The COiC is spouting on about being "business friendly". Doesn't it realize people see the words don't match the actions.
I see there was a TP rally in Oakland last night. Must be TP siince there was so much violence and left is NEVER violent.
Judge reaffirms states rights against Feds. Even if you disagree with gay marriage this is good news. Let the states decide

Thursday, July 8, 2010

0bama offers us the choice between moving "forward" to Socialism or "backward" to the constitution

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Disgusting, DOJ can't bother to prosecute hate spewing racist poll intimidation but goes after AZ for applying Fed law in state
Hannity just confirms what I said on show a couple of weeks ago, WH pressured court to allow BP deep water drilling

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

@talkmaster WH trying to nationalize BP by escrow?
Was this the WH strategy all along, drive BP into the ground so govt can take over assets, nationalization by escrow?
0bama's instructions to NASA chif, pandering to Muslims is more important than leading AMERICA's space efforts

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Honk & Wave California style. More enthusiastic patriots, what a great day, what a great country
Joining Mission Viejo Tea Party rally at entrance to their big firework show
Organizers of the rally found a slot for me so your host is now a national speaker ;-)
At the La Mirada Tea Party
Happy birthday, America?and happy biirthday to all Americans

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Message from Barbara Seidenberg regarding the faux Florida Tea Party

The below youtube contains video of billboards that you are going to start seeing around the area.

You know that I am involved with tea party. "Tea Party" is a loosely organized movement of millions across the nation. The people in this movement are ordinary citizens. Whatever we do and wherever we go is funded by the people in the movement, which means it comes from our own pockets. There is no political, Democrat, or Republican organization that gives us money EVER to do what we do. If we travel, we pay for it. If we make signs we pay for it. If we rent a venue for a rally or other kind of event, we pay for it. If the purchase of insurance is required when we have an event, we pay for it. From our own hard earned money.

There are people in our area who have been involved in Florida politics for years. They were kicked out of the Republican Party last year for unscrupulous activities. They are well connected to sources of money, and have money themselves. These people have established and registered an offiicial political party. This is known as a "third party", because it is neither Democrat or Republican and it is newly in existence.

A "third party" may be a good answer to the resentment folks have toward the establishment parties, Democrat or Republican. But it is not a good answer at this time because the sad set we have in government today does not leave any room for the risk of experiment as to whether or not a third party can win. Right now, we believe that righteous CONSERVATIVE candidates can only be found on the Republican ticket. Understanding that the Republican Party has lost its way over the last 70 years, there are still a handful of Republicans sitting in office right now who are Conservative, and there are newcomers running for office who are Conservative, and share our values and goal of limited government, lower taxes, free market economy, individual responsibility, adherence to the US Constitution, and robust national security.

The founders of this third party are Doug Guetzloe and his attorney Fred O'Neal. Doug Guetzloe is well known in the area and he is not respected or liked. Dont take my word for it. Search Guetzloe on the internet. This third party is running candidates for various local, state, AND national spots in government. They have named their party, "Florida TEA Party".

They have hijacked the good name and reputation of the tea party movement to elevate their own intent and popularity.

I am here to tell you that this third party IS NOT in connected to the tea party movement in any way and we do not support it; mainly because all it will do is FOOL the uninformed, at the ballot, into thinking that they are part of tea party movement. Those that are uninformed will vote for the third party candidates thinking they are part of the movement, those that ARE informed will vote for the Republican Conservative candidates -- the danger here is that this will split the CONSERVATIVE vote and hand the election over to socialist Democrat candidates -- the most glaring repulsive win would go to incumbent District 8 US Congressman Democrat Alan Grayson.

Aside from talking down this third party for the reasons I mentioned above, we had no relevant grounds to discredit them publicly and officially, until it was discoverd that Alan Grayson is donating money to this third party thru a dummy corporation connected to Doug Guetzloe. This is Graysons' contribution to helping along a split of the Conservative vote, thus ushering in his win in November.

Here is the original article from local journalist Tony Pipitone, which exposes this financial connection.

We, your local tea party movement, had a press conference on June 24th in which we called for the candidates of the Florida TEA Party to renounce the party in light of the dirty dealings described in the above article. The third party found out about our press conference and they infiltrated it. Below is the full video of our press conference. The speaker is Jason Hoyt, my friend and fellow tea party activist. The guy to his left holding the FEDEX envelope and heckling and interrupting our press conference is Doug Guetzloe.

Please view our press conference below which reiterates what I wrote above, and more.

Below is one video of the harassment, insults, and lies that we endured from these low lives prior to the press conference.
Notice the punk from Florida TEA Party attempting to block the reporter Tony Pipitone.

Here is a blog that contains more about what I wrote above, and the middle video in this page shows more of the harrassment, insults, and lies that we endured from these low lives prior to the press conference.

Thank you for taking the time, (and it will take a bit of your time) to review the contents of this message. I just spent over one hour putting it together. This is one of the ways we get the word out, since we havent got the kind of funding it takes to run ads and post billboards. Please let your friends know that 'Florida TEA Party" is not endorsed, part of, supported, or approved by the tea party movement

Unite or Die-
As some communities start their festivities today, happy 4th to all my friends. Remember 11/2, the 2nd day of independence is coming.