Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Mubarak, then Qaddaffi, then Assad and then BHO, bye bye dictators

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Backlash Begins

Very strange that this investigation which was supposedly "active before the downgrade" (yeah, right), only applies to S&P, while Fitch & Moody's were just as complicit in the mortgage securities mis-ratings. Or is this just another example of the Chicago way?

S&P Under Investigation: The Backlash Begins | Breakout - Yahoo! Finance

The "Tea Party" stars in the latest DHS movie again

I will try to give Big (Fat) Sis the benefit of the doubt here and hope that this is DHS just being PC, not a deliberate attempt to point the finger at the Tea Party again. Then again..........

Big Sis’ Latest Terrorists: More White Americans – Patriot Update

We can get pretty weird sometimes, down here in the Sunshine State

The Islamic Republican Club coming to Broward County? | The Shark Tank

Joe Wilsonvindicated, will King Barry apologize to him now?

Joe Wilson: I Was Right to Yell 'You Lie’ at Obama

Can we trust anyone in this administration?

SEC Said to Have Destroyed Files on Probes of Banks, Hedge Funds

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fed up with hypocritical progressives

Time after time the progressives tell the Tea Party and other commonsense groups to mind their language and be civil. Yet recently on Fox News Channel, the left wing lawyer lady had the gall to comment on Gov. Perry carrying a stun fun for personal protection ” he probably wants to go down to the border and kill some illegals”. Apart from the fact that it is a STUN gun, how date she even think this!

And now Louis Farrakhan spouts off that the FT Hood shooter is not the terrorist, American soldiers are the terrorists. Where is the LSM on this?

I am fed up with potty mouthed sanctimonious liberals telling us what to do and then doing it themselves.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unions not Tea Party are the violent thugs

It seems that while the progressives love to cal the Tea PArty and other common sense organizations violent, it s the union thugs and other progressive clubs that actually use violence.
DEVELOPING: Ohio Business Owner Shot For Being Non-Union, Police Investigating | RedState

More nanny state BS

SO bowing to the great god PC, we encourage even more to become dependent on other people's money through the government. And we the taxpayers have to accept all this? The time is coming for a tax strike!

Free meals for all Detroit schoolchildren in fall | Detroit Free Press |

Allowing guns into bars has ‘surprising’ result | ChrisInMaryville's Blog

So it seems that knowing people in a bar or restaurant might be able to fight back convinces criminals to avoid perpetrating crimes there. If I see the numbers correctly, 10 less crimes in a year to balance against 2 less than violent slip ups. I'll take that ratio any day. Of course for the anti-gun lobby, just one slip-up weighs a thousand times more than any criminal gun violence.

Allowing guns into bars has ‘surprising’ result | ChrisInMaryville's Blog

Interesting premises in this article

Eugene Narrett -- State of the Union

If it was a movie people would say it could never happen in real life

This shows that the ATF, a part of Eric Holder's Department of Injustice, is totally tone deaf, and that Operation Fast And Furious was the success that the progressives wanted. Why else promote the perpetrators, other than to buy their silence. Rep. Issa, time to step up your investigation, PLEASE!

ATF promotes supervisors from border gun operation -

Creeping haria law in the UK now benefits criminals

Scotland Convict Murdered Grandmother Converts to Islam Halal Ramadan |

How do they think they can get away with this BS? » NBC News Caught Red Handed ‘Selectively Editing’ & ‘ Doctoring’ Video to Smear Gov Perry as Racist

DEbunking of the earlier post about Perry

But I still wish that Sarah would run.....

Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry | Pesky Truth

Perry is definitely not a slam dunk

After reading this you will have just three words to say......

The Real Rick Perry – or – A great list of Perry’s Follies | R3publican: Restore * Reenergize * Reignite


Could this be described as treason, i.e. aiding and abetting the enemy?

SEAL TEAM 6 INVESTIGATE THE WHITE HOUSE | Tea Party Tribune - Tea Party & Political News

The progressives constantly tell us "nothing to worry about".....

Founder Of The Muslim Canadian Congress Says Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated White House (With Updates) « Nice Deb

Thursday, August 11, 2011

» Adamo: A Litany Of Obama Administration Failures Commentary

This is a great article

» Adamo: A Litany Of Obama Administration Failures Commentary

Yet again, King Barry will stoop as low as he pleases to ensure re-election

He is probably ticked off that he even has to bother with an election

» Congressman wants probe of bin Laden movie project News

Once again King Barry does what he wills, just ignores the rules and the wishes of the "ordinary" people

White House Photo of Ceremony for U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan Sparks Controversy -

Will the truth come out, but don't expect King Barry to allow that


Absolutely disgusting

If I did not already have a reason to avoid any network that employs this moon bat, I definitely have one now

Moonbattery » The Picture That Brings Christiane Amanpour Joy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Peace and civility?

Islam is the religion of peace and progressives are the party of civility

And I have some beach property in Arizona to sell ya......

Progressives issue death threats; call for roundup of 'Tea Baggers' - National Conservative |

Monday, August 8, 2011

The LSM (Newsweek) reaaly shot themselves in their foot on this one

Newsweek Michele Bachmann cover ‘sexist’ and in bad form? - BlogPost - The Washington Post

» How the Debt Addicts are Blaming the Victims - Big Government

» How the Debt Addicts are Blaming the Victims - Big Government

Telling it like it is

Obama's Coup Follows Path of Hitler's Enabling Law

Interesting premise here, you cannot deny that these flash mobs are suspiciously similar

Van Jones Personally Responsible For Black Terrorism (Flash Mobs) ~Indocrtinating The Military Now | Featuring DONNA~With Commentary By The Mad Jewess & Co.

Now this would be nice.....

Obama Statement: It’s Everyone Else’s Fault - HUMAN EVENTS

Obama Statement: It’s Everyone Else’s Fault - HUMAN EVENTS

Rand Paul, thank you for standing and saying what needed to be said

Placing Blame Where Blame is Due | Campaign for Liberty

Give kids the key to the candy store, and they WILL loot it.....

Shoveling Your Federal Income Taxes Into the Pensions of State Employees, in the Name of Affordable Housing - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

Parrot Heads of the Left

And no, these are not Jimmy Buffet followers, although they might be closer to Warren. I am talking about Axelrod, Rattner, Kerry, Biden and all their cohorts who, "all of a sudden" started call the Tea Party terrorists. They do not seem to realize that this looks so suspicious, you can really see some-one in a dark room thinking up the next progressive's talking point, and then texting a distribution list and, bingo, everyone is using it. And who sits in the dark room thinking up these "flashes of brilliance"? Probably not Spooky Dude himself, but almost certainly someone close to him and his checkbook.

While it seems quite funny, it actually sickens me to see how much of dumb lemmings these progressives are, and yet we let them still have so much power over us. It is time for the Second American Revolution, break out the pitchforks and torches, let's go get rid of a monster before it does any more damage.

Oh the left is channeling Pol Pot or Mao Tse-tung now.....

If Only Americans Weren't So Goddamned Stupid We Wouldn't Have to Send Them to Re-Education Camps - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

How to handle hose "no-win" questions from the left

How to discuss rationally when asked no-win questions by the LSM or your progressive acquaintances (I hope you do not own up to progressive friends. If you have any of those, time to get healing!)

Can I Ask You A Question? – Tenth Amendment Center Blog

All hail the SECOND American Revolution

» Pollster: Americans Are “Pre-Revolutionary” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

And yet he still blames Bush, even after asking for the responsibility himself

Half white man speak with forked tongue

2 Years Ago Today Obama Says He’s Responsible For Economy “Give It to Me!” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

I would bet 1B$ that Spooky Dude was involved....

But then it would mean that King Barry was told to make this happen........

Did Soros Make $1B Betting on U.S. Downgrade? - George Soros - Fox Nation

Is there anyone in the progressive camp that does not lie every time they open their mouth?

Politifact Annihilates Harry Reid - Harry Reid - Fox Nation

This article shows that at least 29% of the population is a danger to the gene pool

Another example of how government meddling costs us money

It is not as if it does anything at all for safety

Why You Can't Take a Cruise From Brooklyn to Baltimore, or L.A. to San Francisco - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

And So It Begins..... in [Market-Ticker]

And So It Begins..... in [Market-Ticker]

Send Kerry home, we do not need this rich boy talking down to us (again)

Allen West vs. John Kerry - HUMAN EVENTS

Time to start organizing a boycott....

How about protests outside the theaters?

Bin Laden Film -- October Surprise - Usama Bin Laden - Fox Nation

Well we now know where all the freeloaders live

Obama Job Approval 50% or Higher in 16 States and D.C.

Florida Rep & DCCC Chair ignores the Congressional rules

Where is draining the swamp, Princess Pelosi? And Boehner not doing a good job there either

The Shark Tank » Blog Archive » Wasserman-Schultz Ignores House Franking Rules with Taxpayer-Funded Mailer

progressive infiltration of the civil service

Remember how loud the left shouted about supposed "partisan" hirings and firings? Of course, the truth shows that this was not true. Yet when the progressives have the power they have a blatantly (at least when they are forced to expose after a FOIA request) partisan hiring policy. Just wait when the GOP takes over in 2013 and they start firing these progressives, the noise will be unbelievable.

Pajamas Media » Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring of Eric Holder’s Voting Section

More bypassing of Congress, we need to impeach this dictator

Obama Administration Illegally Bypasses US Laws Again : This Time By "Waiving Education Standards"

A chilling look at the recent helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Were Seal Team Six Members Executed? | Before It's News

Proof Obama NOT a Communist: T/U Grover Norquist | Before It's News

Proof Obama NOT a Communist: T/U Grover Norquist | Before It's News

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free cell phones for the poor are now a "right"? YHGTBKM
DC's problem is a SPENDING problem
Trump: more govt waste, buy $3M plane in Brazil, get $1.2M tax credit in US

The police state has arrived?

Minnesota Man Craig Brown Faces Jail For Feeding Birds in Own Backyard | Video |

Do as I say, not as I do (redux)

Yet again we find out that Moochelle is very good at telling us how to eat, but not following her own advice. And King Barry does not care either. So where does he celebrate the raising of the debt ceiling? A hamburger joint! Don't they have Sweet Tomatoes in DC?

The Associated Press: After debt deal, Obama takes staff to lunch

Lisa Murkowski fisheries adviser indicted for illegal fishing

Lisa Murkowski | Alaska Fishing | Arne Fuglvog | The Daily Caller

ABO - Anyone But Obama

2012: There is only one choice - Boise Conservative |

Obama & Democrats Cremated Our Businesses

Obama & Democrats Cremated Our Businesses

Great article on the subject of calling the Tea Party terrorists

My Personal Rant to Senator Dick Dirbin – (D-IL)

Monday, August 1, 2011

The more we learn, the sicker we get

As details of the debt deal leak out, we are finding that yet again, King Barry and his progressive elites have royally screwed the American people

So they call the Tea Party terrorists?

Screaming Left-Wing Radicals Arrested in House Gallery - Debt Crisis - Fox Nation

And this you do not read in the LSM

While the murders in Norway can never be justified, it is interesting to read what was actually going on at this camp.

Note in the article how more left wing hypocrisy is clearly shown:
"For them it is unacceptable for Breivik to murder Norwegian children, because his ideology is wrong. But it is acceptable for Palestinians to murder Israeli children, because their ideology is right."

Summer Camp? Antisemitic Indoctrination Training Center - Atlas Shrugs

More bending of the truth....

No real spending cuts, just a reduction in increase of spending, LIARS!!!!!

Budget Deal Doesn’t Cut Spending | Cato @ Liberty

More Saul Alinsky tactics from Joe Bite Me

Interesting that the very words used by the Tea Partiers, were used by the left, including King Barry and his court jester, Joe Bite Me, in 2006 when also discussing a previous raising of the debt limit. Out and out hypocrisy all the time, it makes me sick! (For details of the statements, see Marco Rubio's very strong speech, available on his channel on YouTube).

Biden: Tea partiers like 'terrorists' - Jonathan Allen and John Bresnahan -

We have been sold another lemon...

More Trouble for Debt Deal: Joint Committee is Not Required to Recommend $1.5 Trillion in Deficit Reduction | NetRight Daily

More danger to our way of live... Cass Sunstien at work again

While King Barry and his elites "say" they support US agriculture, look at what they are actually doing. Yet more UNNECESSARY Big Government involvement in people's lives.

Agenda 21 Update – DOT’s regulatory attack on family farms | Video |

» What led to `Project Gunwalker’? News

» What led to `Project Gunwalker’? News