Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unfortunately, while there are many good police officers.....

... some bad apples in the barrel spoil it for the rest. By acting like jack booted Gestapo agents they engender a negative  disposition towards public safety officers and discourage people from helping when help might be needed.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Maybe she is looking for a home for her upcoming retirement

Kate, try the Villages, Florida's friendliest home town....
Sebelius' Damage-Control Trip To Florida

First National Health Care, now gun laws, the UK is not the example that the Regressives make it out to be

Paging, Piers Morgan: Gun Violence Explodes In England

The truth hurts, doesn't it, your lowness

Another nail in the coffin of King Barry's signature accomplishment

Lies, lies, lies and more lies

When can we impeach this despicable liar and shut down his untrustworthy regime.

The truth will set you free...

If this does not turn the 2014 elections upside down, we do not deserve liberty any more.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

So now even Regressives admit Dear Leader was lying

Great ideas from @TheNatPat, something we should all get behind

Thursday, November 14, 2013

And yet again, it is always someone else's fault

Just like in my previous post, see how the Leftist LSM flail around looking for someone to blame for the #ObamaCurse disaster. They just can't accept that their idol is an  incompetent, blustering, lying buffoon who forced a travesty of an unthought through bill on We The People.

Idea to reduce the deficit ;-)

Following King Barry's press conference today, I was struck with a great idea on how the regime can knock a hole in the Budget deficit.
[sarc]Given that Dear Leader had decided yet again that he can write or rewrite laws without reference to Congress, why don't we get rid of Congress? We can save the salaries and benefits of 535 overpaid legislators, as well as countless of this staff, who are probably even more overpaid than their bosses.
Caliph Hussein can indulge in his penchant of announcing laws dreamed up by the power behind his throne, Val Jarrett, without having to worry about those pesky legislators shutting off the money spigot (tap, for those of you who attended a government school). [/sarc]
Although the above is written with tongue in cheek, the Puppet in the Spite House has indeed been watching to much Games of Thrones, probably thinking that it is some new reality show. He obviously feels that he had to act as one of the key players in that saga, ignoring the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Isn't it time that We The People showed him and his cronies the door and take back our country?

And yet again the Regressives try to pin the blame on something totally unrelated

Just like King Barry is always looking for someone elder to blame, the LSM follow his lead and find an excuse for Dems who ate doing the right and honorable thing, at least as honorable as you can be after strenuously proclaiming exactly the opposite viewpoint less than a month ago. But remember, hypocrisy is in the Regressives genes and unfortunately it is NOT a regressive trait (apologies for the twisted pun).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

After all King Barry has done to date....

...why would he stop now. He sees that the LSM will let him get away with murder, figuratively if not literally.
Barack Obama Openly Threatens Dictatorship - The Ulsterman Report

Pinch me, am I dreaming?

Is what we have been hoping for actually happening?

At this point the words "wheels", "falling off" and "wagon" come to mind, or am I gloating too soon?
CAPITOL UPDATE: Barack Obama Begs Harry Reid To Keep Senate Dems In Line - The Ulsterman Report

The latest from the Regressives' Talking Points factory

Watch the next few days how the Regressive spokespeople use the term "the insurance companies have always been cancelling people's policies", implying how evil those mean insurance companies are, and that the roughly 5 million cancellations to date would have happened, even without ObamaCurse. Of course everyone knows that the level of normal cancellations is a fraction of what is happening today and will happen in the near future. But true to Alinsky, they think if the shout it loud enough and often enough, people will believe their twaddle. And notice how they do shout it, often interrupting hosts or other guests in an attempt to force their message down our throats and prevent others from telling the truth.

Some good ideas here

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The backroom talking point writers are at it again

I have mentioned a number of times before how the Regressives seem to have a "talking points factory" somewhere, that generates the texts that are uttered by all the Leftists that appear on TV and radio. A case in point is the spin that all of a sudden all the left leaning commentators and analysts give about Obama's "you can keep your healthcare plan" applying to 95% of the population, while the 5 million who have lost their plans are "just 5%" of the total population. This is to divert away from the 'you can keep your plan. PERIOD." that King Barry uttered. The GOP and right-wing, especially FNC hosts, analysts and commentators, fall into the trap of arguing the 5%, when what they should be doing is coming back to "PERIOD". King Barry promised, and did not say "except for 5% of you." He said "PERIOD" and we should hold him and his party accountable for that. Stand strong GOP, conservatives and Tea Party. Hold your ground, draw that line in the sand at "PERIOD" and beat the enemy to death with that "PERIOD".

The 2014 Referendum

When a few weeks ago, some members of the GOP were fighting to repeal, defund or delay #ObamaCurse, the Regressives were quick to trumpet "Obama was re-elected on ObamaCare, so get over it."

Now that it has been clearly shown that King Barry and his court lied about "you can keep you plan" and "you can keep your doctor", the conservatives can justify their opposition to #ObamaCurse and challenge the so-called 2012 vote of confidence in the travesty of a bill.

In fact, I believe that the GOP should make this a key pillar of their platform for 2014:

If you knew the Democrats were lying (as has been shown), would you have voted for Obama and his cronies in 2012?  Show your disgust with the lies and give us the opportunity to correct this bill and give you back your own health insurance - vote GOP.


How often do we have to say it: treason, impeachment, treason, impeachment, treason, impeachment, treason.

Definition of treason: giving aid and succor to the enemy. When will we act?
Doug Ross @ Journal: Pentagon Report: Obama Administration Paid More than $150 Million to Fund Terrorist Attacks Against Americans

Mark Levin tells it like it is

Mark Levin Show - "Win first, fight later."

#1 on the RINO hitlist

Will we finally get rid of this weasel?
The Duplicity of Lindsey Graham | RedState

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Interesting ideas

Not sure that I agree with everything in this article, but I agree that we need more open discussion, so this is a start.

H/t David Burge (@iowahawkblog - if you don't follow him you should)

This is what King Barry's cronies want to do to us

Progressive taxes first (tax the touch on income) and then steal from (tax) the rich on capital