Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The 2014 Referendum

When a few weeks ago, some members of the GOP were fighting to repeal, defund or delay #ObamaCurse, the Regressives were quick to trumpet "Obama was re-elected on ObamaCare, so get over it."

Now that it has been clearly shown that King Barry and his court lied about "you can keep you plan" and "you can keep your doctor", the conservatives can justify their opposition to #ObamaCurse and challenge the so-called 2012 vote of confidence in the travesty of a bill.

In fact, I believe that the GOP should make this a key pillar of their platform for 2014:

If you knew the Democrats were lying (as has been shown), would you have voted for Obama and his cronies in 2012?  Show your disgust with the lies and give us the opportunity to correct this bill and give you back your own health insurance - vote GOP.