Thursday, November 14, 2013

Idea to reduce the deficit ;-)

Following King Barry's press conference today, I was struck with a great idea on how the regime can knock a hole in the Budget deficit.
[sarc]Given that Dear Leader had decided yet again that he can write or rewrite laws without reference to Congress, why don't we get rid of Congress? We can save the salaries and benefits of 535 overpaid legislators, as well as countless of this staff, who are probably even more overpaid than their bosses.
Caliph Hussein can indulge in his penchant of announcing laws dreamed up by the power behind his throne, Val Jarrett, without having to worry about those pesky legislators shutting off the money spigot (tap, for those of you who attended a government school). [/sarc]
Although the above is written with tongue in cheek, the Puppet in the Spite House has indeed been watching to much Games of Thrones, probably thinking that it is some new reality show. He obviously feels that he had to act as one of the key players in that saga, ignoring the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Isn't it time that We The People showed him and his cronies the door and take back our country?