Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The backroom talking point writers are at it again

I have mentioned a number of times before how the Regressives seem to have a "talking points factory" somewhere, that generates the texts that are uttered by all the Leftists that appear on TV and radio. A case in point is the spin that all of a sudden all the left leaning commentators and analysts give about Obama's "you can keep your healthcare plan" applying to 95% of the population, while the 5 million who have lost their plans are "just 5%" of the total population. This is to divert away from the 'you can keep your plan. PERIOD." that King Barry uttered. The GOP and right-wing, especially FNC hosts, analysts and commentators, fall into the trap of arguing the 5%, when what they should be doing is coming back to "PERIOD". King Barry promised, and did not say "except for 5% of you." He said "PERIOD" and we should hold him and his party accountable for that. Stand strong GOP, conservatives and Tea Party. Hold your ground, draw that line in the sand at "PERIOD" and beat the enemy to death with that "PERIOD".