Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is this the end of the USA, or the end of Progressivism as a power

The clock is slowly ticking towards 8 p.m. ET, is this the time and date that will be inscribed on the death certificate of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America? Or is this the date the the "Silent Majority" finally wakes up and helps the true patriots throw off the shackles of Progressivism that have been wrapped around our inalienable rights over the last 100 odd years?

A lot will depend on what construction Obama comes up with for those that are already here. The recent leaks point to some kind of work permit for families with children born here who are accepted, wrongly in my opinion, as US citizens. But I have said before, it is not realistic to expect a draconian response to these families. So a fair approach is to provide a work permit allowing them to pay taxes and to contribute to Social Security. Also they should pay a fine for the taxes missed in the years prior to this amnesty. They must also show that they and their family have been here a significant number of years (the actual number of years should be decided by Congress). And any government related support, welfare, healthcare subsidies, in-state tuition, etc., should only be eligible after the same number of years as legal immigrants, e.g. those earning a work visa or green card.

For employers we should insist on the use of e-verify and the application of stiff fines for those caught using any of the remaining illegals, from small landscaping companies to large manufacturing companies.

So we wait with bated breath to hear what will be presented tonight, and pray that we are not being "Grubered" yet again. After all, how often have the statements from this regime turned out to lack any veracity what so ever!

And if Obama presents himself as an emperor and makes a huge power grab, we will all have enough back bone to stand up to him and his cronies. The regime, supported by its lackeys of the Lame Stream Media, seem to think that they can pull the wool over the eyes of the "stupid Americans". Hopefully the GOP is wise to this trick and does not fall for the " GOP shut down the government" story. There are rumors that the GOP is looking at moving away from Omnibus funding bills, and going back to the old system of individual budgets by department. This means the GOP can add riders to the budget to ensure that the appropriations are only used for closely defined purposes. If King Barry then refuses to sign the bill because it excluded some funding that he requires, e.g. funds to print and distribute work permit cards, it is not the whole government that gets shut down, and it will be obvious to Americans who is being petulant. This will not work for every department, because some departments are funded by user fees. But I am sure that there must be some clever people in the GOP that can find a solution for those exceptions.

Separate, smaller funding bills will allow inclusion of riders that repeal parts of ObamaCare, for example the Medical Device Tax. Slowly removing the funding legs on which this travesty stands will help lead to a final total repeal and replace with a more practical solution. With the recent revelations about the deceit used to build and sell ObamaCare to Americans, this will bring more kudos to the GOP that will help them in the 2016 elections.

In the past the GOP and conservatives have fallen into the trap set by the DemocRATS by meeting their issues head on. We need to take the time to analyze their strategy and then design a counter attack that undermines the strategy and brings the GOP to their desired results.