Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bipartisanship, pshaw, I'll do want I want

After the recent elections, Caliph Hussein reluctantly dragged his sorry donkey in front of the microphones to say that he would deign to work with Congress and especially the Republicans. He expected that there would still be some topics on which he could not agree with these weird people, so admonished them to bring bills of a bipartisan nature which would be easy to sign.

Right now it looks as if the first bill to be placed on his desk, begging for the consideration of his scribble will be a very bipartisan bill. Insiders in DC are already talking about the possibility that it might even pull enough DemocRAT votes to make it veto proof. But if not, our dictator has already announced that he will veto this bill.

Let me see, so what he told us "stupid" Americans is that he is prepared to work with the Republicans, and that they had better bring him bills that are bipartisan, but if he still does not like them, he will exercise his infinite wisdom to veto them. I know that I have said this before, but is this psychotic not sounding more and more like King George of the 1770s? I am surprised that this country tolerates such a narcissistical, egotistical, megalomanic, lying bastard. (And before someone gets their pantyhose in a twist because of the disrespect that might emenate from that last word, I am technically correct. Whether BHO Sr. was his biological father matters little since legally BHO Sr. was already married and so could not marry  BHO Jr.'s guest womb. And there are many rumors of the possibility of a different biological father too.)

I know that the i-word is bandied about often and that many say it would be an impossible objective. But again, technically, the Constitution specifies high crimes and misdemeanors. Add far as I am concerned, as a simple student of our Constitution, constantly lying to the American people and treating us as ignorant subjects is close enough to the definition of high crimes as I need so that impeachment proceedings can be started. Or to make it even easier, maybe now enough people will lose their great fear (or awe) of Darth Vader and start real investigations into his background and nationality. I wish people would see that with all the lies perpetrated on America and Americans that we know about, there is a greater than 50% chance something is not kosher in his background either. And that might make things a lot easier because then we could automatically reverse every piece of paper he ever signed. It would be messy, I agree, but why are we afraid of cleaning up a mess when we would able to stop his America destroying tactics in their tracks. In fact, I would not protest a reasonable increase in taxes for a few years if that was a consequence of impeachment. After all, Dear Leader manages to find new ways to trick us into new tax increases anyway, so why not donate to a worthy charity, the removal of Barry Soetoro from office.

In days gone by, when we threw off the shackles of King George, even then the agitators were just a relatively small, vocal minority prepared to fight the good fight and do the right thing. In those days we had Tories and Patriots that discussed and fought each other; we had a media (only printed or word of mouth in those days) that itself was open to discussion, often vitriolic. But at least the truth came out, even if it was cloaked in all sorts of other misrepresentations. People could filter the media output and measure against other things being disseminated, then deciding for themselves what was and was not true. Today, most Americans are more interested in topics that have nothing to do with civics and politics but would not find them on their favorite channels anyway. Those that are interested are often derided by the Washington elitists.

BTW, for most LIV voters, questions about TMZ, VH1 or CMT related topics = 100% correct; questions about civics, politics or history = 10% correct.
As far as information sharing goes, the Regressive elites that control most of the media, especially those channels that the Low Information Voters tend to watch, have refused to carry anything about the mushrooming Jon Gruber scandal, even though the first videos surfaced two weeks ago. They have lost all journalistic integrity and slavishly regurgitate what is fed them by the imperialistic regime, conveniently omitting anything that might throw negative shadows on their carefully nurtured nestlings. It is despicable to see how quickly they parrot unfounded allegations around the Ferguson situation yet refuse to even mention proven and open lies about how the Unaffordable Care Act was assembled in a way full of deceit and misrepresentations. Worse still, when key figures from the regime try to distance themselves from Gruber, saying they knew nothing and he was a minor figure, videos immediately surface of them praising his participation on the process. And of course the media refuses to call anyone out on these blatant lies. Do they really think that 'We The People' are stupid and do not see through the buffalo excrement laden platitudes? In some ways, those lies are an even greater insult to all reasonable people (we can forget about the LIV TMZ, VH1 generation, perhaps even forgive them since the elitists are not feeding them the correct information).

So what can we do about this? As I said earlier, it would be awesome to think about impeachment or the overturning of King Barry's elections. But the Washington crowd is too interested in protecting their own jobs and lack the fortitude and honesty to take this issue as far as it needs to go. Maybe a few strong Republicans will take up the sword for us and the country; if we are lucky there might even be few brave DemocRATS who are prepared to join them. It would be a very courageous decision, because look at how the Washington establishment treats those who step off the reservation.(from either side) But I would happy to support such brave Democrat souls in the next election, even if their underlying political bent is not the same as mine. The event of my enemy is my friend, and I can respect any friend whose honesty I can trust.