Saturday, August 3, 2013

Is this the end of the beginning? (h/t Winston Churchill)

I have to be fair - The Prez Obama truly has ONE SINGLE TALENT: He always manages to either blame his own failures on the opposition or convince the sheeple through his supportive media that he did not know anything. That is an art folks, never be responsible. And when the sling gets tighter he calls it all "phony scandals" and continues campaigning: What difference does it make ( © Hillary Clinton). But the sling gets tighter every day and even his biggest support media like CNN begin to question and reveal the truth. Is this the beginning of opening the (Benghazi)gate finally? 

PolitiChicks columnist Carolyn Elkins tells us why this could be the gate opener we need to bring the Prez down 
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Is BenghaziGate Finally Being Thrown Wide Open? - ::
h/t Bamboo Bob