Saturday, August 3, 2013

Keep this travesty alive, until we get all the answers that 'We The People' deserve

Here is a little fact check ever man and woman in the service knows: 
ONLY THE PRESIDENT can give a GO or STAND DOWN order since he is the commander in chief, the highest authority, especially when the GO order means for the troops entering a country the United States is NOT OFFICIALLY at war with. FOR CLARIFICATION every entering of armed forces in a country without local permission and we are not at war with IS AN ACT OF WAR no matter if we only save our citizens or else. And that is why only the President can give this order. 

So when Obama claims he did not know anything that means one of two things 

  1. either he is lying or 
  2. his staff is out of control and gives illegal orders; which also makes the President responsible because the "Buck stops with him" as their direct superior. 

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