Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Is Everbody Just Focussing on Lois Lerner?

The discussion over the IRS scandal continues, with the new Commissioner Koskinen having been grilled in a most unfriendly fashion on Capitol Hill. And let's be honest, he deserved every moment, due to his arrogant approach, refusal to apologize, parroting of party talking points and general absence of any remorse. His whole attitude show what a party hack he really is (and that is obviously not a Grand Old Party hack). This is, of course, something that is totally unacceptable, since if there is one government department that should not be partisan is is the IRS (actually 2, Department of Justice too). 

But the current regime has so corrupted and intertwined the political and administrative structures that it will take us years to untangle the mess which has been created. In many cases, because of the arcane rules preventing government employees from being fired, even when caught perpetrating fraud and corruption, it will be easier just to defund and get rid of the relevant department. We can get rid of the IRS, repeal the 16th Amendment and institute the Fair Tax, but the Department of Injustice will just have to have a major reduction in funds. That will probably bypass the stupid civil service rules and let us put these people where they belong, in the real world where they have to do a real job for a living, instead of a cushy job requiring little effort, with high wages and little risk. 

However, back to the IRS! Right now talk radio and the sub-committees in DC are focusing on the emails lost off Lois Lerner's PC. They are asking the person at the top why, and he comes up with these admittedly plausible but unlikely scenarios. Because he is so many levels away from the actual activities, he is even assuming plausible deniability. In other words, when proof surfaces that counters anything said earlier, he just utters, "well, I could not have known that". And although the GOP committee members tear into him and give him a really rough time, you can see that he knows that the WH and the LSM have his back because he just shrugs it off. Even Trey Gowdy, who was probably the most aggressive, seem to elicit little in contrition from this pompous ass. I do applaud Trey for his attacks, and hope that this is a sample of the fireworks that we will see when he chairs the select committee. Trey Gowdy for AG in the next administration!!

But I also hope that the select committee will take a different tack to uncovering the truth. Let's just suppose that Lerner's machine did actually have a hard drive crash, AND the server backup tapes are overwritten after six months (as I said plausible but unlikely). We can then subpoena all possible recipients of such emails (DOJ, Treasury, WH, etc) since surely they will not have had hard drive crashes too. So instead of talking to the party hack at the top, call in the IT experts and determine what the current procedures are (are they correct) and were they properly executed. If it turns out that server backup tapes should be kept for longer that 6 months, but in this case were not, WHY NOT? Who ordered the divergence from protocols? This would lessen the impact of the loss of the emails because tit points to an obvious attempt to destroy probably incriminating evidence. Don't forget there are Federal laws that stipulate how long documents, including emails have to be kept, why were those laws not obeyed at the IRS. First get the truth from the low-level grunts and then hit the top and have them worm their way out of that. And a day later the National Archivist confirmed that the IRS broke federal law around the archiving of their emails. Where is the accountability now?

And talking about determining the existence of incriminating evidence without actually having it (i.e. proving it through circumstantial evidence). When the lower level IT specialists are subpoenaed, ask them about the other six hard drive crashes that coincidentally occurred on the computers of other people implicated in the investigation. How many other hard drive crashes were logged in the same 6-8 week time period? Hundreds? In that case it might a coincidence (although I don't believe in coincidences) that the six investigated employees conveniently also had the same problem. If the total was 8 or 10 (including the six), then it is obvious that the regime has something to hide. 

Of course, now the regime knows what to expect from Trey Gowdy and my plan, they will be scrambling to cover all the bases (or crash all the hard drives and overwrite the backup tapes) and they will have the time to do it. Or am I inflating my own self-importance by thinking that the regime is actually listening to my broadcasts?