Thursday, June 26, 2014

How I communicated my disgust to the GOP

Please remove me from your fund raising lists with immediate effect. I am disgusted by the traitorous action of the campaign of Thad Cochran and the complicity of the GOP leadership. Even if you, Cochran and all of your cronies were not directly involved in the despicable activities around the robo-calls and the flyers accusing McDaniel of racism, your silence indicates assent with these underhand tactics. If you have to resort to subterfuge in order to retain power, just be aware that you are at the end of your time. We oppose these dinosaurs that cling to power at any cost, especially when it means kowtowing to the opposition. You and the rest of the GOP establishment are rightly frightened of the wave of change that is heading your way and your shenanigans will only delay the inevitable. We are working hard to sweep the RINOs, progressive Republicans and other power hungry geriatrics out of Congress and the GOP. 

In the meanwhile, I will never again donate money to any arm of the Republican Party (except individual candidates that I trust) , and I will devote my energies to rebuilding the GOP the way it should be, free of the "Progressive" Republicans. If the GOP cannot be rebuilt, then we will build a new party outside the GOP. And BTW, please do not expect me to volunteer, as i did for the past elections, for GOTV or other activities for the GOP in the upcoming election, I am so fed up with the GOP I am ready to support Democrat & Independent candidates that oppose RINOs like Cochran, etc., so that we can clean up the party. Thanks to all your activities in this campaign, but also many others, your are alienating your base and hastening the arrival of a new party with true conservative values.

[message sent in reply to NRSC and other GOP fund-raising emails, as well as via the contact form on]