Saturday, March 22, 2014

See, unions are not about teaching children bit indoctrinating them

It comes as no surprise, but the proof is now obviously given, that the education unions are not interested in teaching our children how to read and write. What they really want to do is indoctrinate their empty minds with social justice claptrap, under the guise of teaching the R's.
I have never seen a better reason for an all out attack on teacher unions, preferably like Reagan did to the air traffic controllers. Let's fire the lot of them. The damage to the education system due the speed bump while we bring new teachers into the system would be more than offset by the benefits of not allowing these communist traitors to infiltrate their twisted thoughts into the minds of our youngsters.
And apologies to all the good teachers out there, I know there are some hidden away somewhere. But as long as you keep your head down, just doing your job   and letting your colleagues get away with this betrayal of trust that we give teachers to teach properly, you are part of the problem. Until reasonable teachers are prepared to stand up and expose these heinous goings on, everybody will get tarred with the same brush.