Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Messaging, messaging, messaging

Once again the enemy (why not call them that, the Regressives have turned this into a war) are winning the messaging battle. With the looming debt ceiling debate, all that we hear in the media is "default, default, default." Even FNC is unfair and unbalanced about this.

Here are the fact's: there is absolutely no need for the US to default on anything. The government collects more than enough money to pay for our interest payments and for any bonds that come due. The problem is, that since we spend more than we bring in, there are decisions that the Petty Dictator in the Spite House will have to take with regard to government programs that will not be funded.
Looking at his record of the last week, it is obvious that he will make it as painful as possible for 'We The People'. If he is really malicious, which I do not rule out, he could default on our loans and collapse the US dollar and our economy. But he is not being forced to, even if we refuse to increase the debt ceiling.

But reckon on the rhetoric to be acrimonious and vehement over the next couple of weeks, with most of it just lies and mis-representation of the truth