Monday, September 9, 2013

Check mate? What do you expect when Putin is playing chess and King Barry is struggling with checkers

While the WH will most certainly find a way to spin this result as something that Dear Leader engineered, most commentators, at least the ones that can be trusted, agree that Caliph Hussein was snookered by Putin. This is reinforced by the Keystone Cops routine that we saw after Kerry suggested, then the State Department refuted, then "What difference does it make" Clinton confirmed (in what official position of the administration could she do this, by the way) and then finally Dear leader himself finally blessed Putin's clever move. Now it seems King Barry agreed this approach in a "secret meeting" with Putin, held while he was in Russia for the G20 meeting. If you believe that then I have a bridge in New York that I would like to sell you. But let the LSM and the other sycophants(or should I spell that sicko-phants?) propagate this fairy story to save the hide of their Messiah.

Basic truth is that this just reinforces what I have been saying all along, our ruler and his administration are a bunch of bumbling, inept amateurs on the world stage.