Monday, September 9, 2013

Australia shows the way for the GOP

For the last few years the GOP has waffled about being the 'big tent' party and tried to silence the conservatives in the interest of diversity and not frightening off the center. In Australia the equivalent of the GOP, confusingly called the Liberals, tried the same approach after their defeat by the Australian Labour (i.e. Democrat) party. Much like our GOP became 'Democrat-lite', they became 'Labour-lite', to the extent of supporting the repeal of labor reform laws that allowed easier hiring and firing, and supporting the introduction of a carbon tax.
The there appeared a conservative, Tony Abbott who challenged the party establishment, and was derided by the media as un-electable because he was 'too extreme'. He fought a bitter fight to win the party leadership by one vote, the proceeded to pull the party down the path of true conservatism. He attacked the Labour Party leader, Kevin Rudd, on the carbon tax so successfully that the bill had to be shelved and the Labour Party ditched Rudd as a leader.
The Australian voters did not listen to the biased media either and this week the center-right Liberal National Party was returned to power after six years of debilitating Labour rule. In other words, conservatism is popular with the voters, as long as you stick to your principles. It is the vacillating middle of the road approach, accepting almost everything that the other side of the aisle forces on them that turns off voters from the GOP.
Wake up conservatives, stop accepting what our GOP establishment keeps telling you. We are not pariahs and the public will vote for a steadfast conservative who declares their true colors and sticks to them. People appreciate that sometimes a politician will stand for something with which they do not agree. But they prefer someone who stands for something, rather than the "I defined a red-line - but actually it was everybody's red-line", or "I voted for the bill before I voted against it" or the "what difference does it make now" indifference that we have seen from the current administration.
Take heart, conservatives, our time is coming!.