Friday, January 10, 2014

The Department of Injustice can move quickly, when they want...

In a show of unprecedented political hypocrisy the Obama regime pounced on Christie's Bridgegate and started a federal investigation. While Benghazi, F&F, IRS Tea Party targeting does not warrant the bat of an eye lid from the Department of Injustice, the Regressives are baying for Christie's blood.

Commentators rant in disbelief about Christie's claims that he did not know anything until very recently, the same ones who postulated that it was very obvious that their Messiah could not have known about F&F, Benghazi, the Tea Party targeting, etc.

Fortunately Christie immediately fired the aide involved, while the appointee had already resigned a few weeks ago. How many people have been actually fired after F&F, Benghazi, the Tea Party targeting, etc.?

Unfortunately for Christie, evidence is percolating up that he might have known about this earlier than he claimed. If that is proven, we all know what should, and WILL, happen to those who lie to the American voters. I for one week not be sad to see the back of this RINO bully boy.