Friday, November 11, 2011

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.....

The left wing is yet again telling us why not spending money is dangerous, just like Biden and the increase in rapes and thefts. While it would be very sad that we treat our armed forces in this way, we will get through it. We just have to buckle under and wait until we get a proper president in the White House, with a reasonable Congress. Then we can go about rebuilding ALL the damage that this administration has caused.

If this drastic measure is necessary to show America what a bunch of clowns are operating in this administration, so be it. Americans need to have their eyes opened, look at the polls that show that King Barry is still tied with a generic GOP candidate. He should be at 10-20% instead of 40% and we should be able to put up Mickey Mouse and have a landslide against this inept dictator.

Panetta Warns Military Cuts Would Invite 'Aggression' | Fox News