Monday, June 6, 2011

The Liar in Chief is at it again

At a recent (campaign) rally at a Chrysler plant, King Barry was yet again caught with his pants on fire. He claimed that Chrysler had repayed all of its loan, which explained why Fiat was able to take a majority holding in the US automaker, since in 2009 repayment in full had been one of the conditions. What the Liar in Chief forgets to mention is that he forgave over $7B of the original loan. So technically, Fiat/Chrysler did NOT repay the loan in full, just what was outstanding.

Once again the lack of morality amongst the progressives has been exposed by King Liar and Baby Liar, in just a couple of days. People, please, open your eyes and help get rid of these scumbags in 2012!